12th house

By painkiller300spartaJuly 20, 2018 2:42pm — 78 replies
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How would you describe person being Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo
i am worried about a person who has this placements
Is Cancer really a nurturer who cares about other people feelings?
or they just pretend in order to get people to like them and fullfill their need for security
Craziest Sign
which is the craziest of signs according to you you can also rank them as well for me its 1 cancer 2 sagittarius 3 gemini 4 taurus top 4 based off my own experiences
Venus transit the 9th house i feel adventures and naughty oops did i say that
i feel i have less of a hard time to break free i am less emotional and more focused on myself as i feel like i have the need to express myself more and more i noticed for the past 3 5 years i have been holding myself back a lot i am actually very extrove
Can one of you lovely souls give me a quick synopsis?
so i know like 8 planets are in retrograde what is the general synopsis of what aspects of our environments are being affected
people with stellium that is different from your sun sign can you relate more to the description of the stellium or the sun
Jupiter on cusp between 10th house and 11th house: does it affect both?
i have my jupiter on the cusp of the 10th house and 11th house by on the cusp i mean its a dead 0 03 degrees into the 11th house would that entail a jupiter who affects both 10th and 11th houses
So today I found out I might have cancer in my neck.
i wont know for sure until my biopsy tomorrow but she used the word necrocis of the lymph nodes and i kind of couldnt focus after that she said from results of my cat scan its suspicious of squamous cell carcinoma has anyone ever experienced this and
Let's play: Your Top 3's signs!
lets have a bit of fun in this forum copy and paste and answer choose your top 3s from most to least likely in your own opinon experience let me know if you want to add any on all banter no harsh feelings if you dont want to answer some of the q