• How were you as a child?

    Do you think you perfectly fit your sign as a child?
  • Tarot: What are the odds

    This is weird for the past few months I've been getting interesting into tarot reading, I got me a deck of cards and a book with meanings also done my research online... the weirdest thing has happend, I've practicing on myself at least once a week in
  • Particular signs that keep saying " I'm worth it"

    I'm worth the wait I'm worth the hard work I'm worth u breaking my walls down I'm worth all the bad butter I put u through II'm worth u waiting for because that's my pace ( my way or he high way) I'm so worth it! If you are so worth it why the n
  • Irrational fear ......

    I remember Tiz's thread about fears, and I vehemently stated that I don't have any. There is one. I experience it a little all of the time, and excessively on at other times. Well, the other night, during the lunar eclipse, I was near panic and doom.
  • Weak to you!

    What sign are you "weak " to. Meaning who would you just effortlessly drop your draws/g-string/thong or boxers for. Like hear take's yours :P For me its Pisces. I have a love/hate relationship with relationship with these jerks (men and women
  • Depressing Astro

    You shouldn't read this if, on the off chance, you're a Sag Sun trying for a child during this initial Saturn period right now. Or if you're just not looking to be depressed in general. Other than that, you're good. Unfortunately the bottom line me
  • FULL MOON in Aries + Blood Moon Total Lunar ECLIPSE

    “This month’s Aries Full Moon is very powerful, so don’t be surprised by the surprises that come your way. “Usually, full Moons help us become aware of something within us, some feeling or belief that we keep hidden. At a Lunar Eclipse, these fee