I mean, what house is the most sensible in synastry? Like if someone's planet falls in this house in my natal chart I will get deep feelings? 4th house? 10th? 12th? 7th?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVaoO2tLfjc It's NOT ABOUT US VEGANS......IT'S ABOUT YOUR GUILT!!!! It's between you and the animals, it has NOTHING to do with us!!! You stupid guilty morons....
When you throw yo middle finger at these cats, they can't swallow it. When you get bad back with them, they argue.. They also ain't that witty. /Put one up against an Air Mars/ Currently being harassed by a bald feminine guy so happens to be a 40 y/o Sco
Males Aries: God of War, Ares Taurus: Flower Gods, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Adonis Gemini: Messenger of the Gods, Hermes Cancer: The Immortal, Heracles Leo: The Titan, Helios Virgo: God of Weaponry, Hepheastus Libra: The God of Light, Apollo Scorpio:
Rate your own appearance and also your character? appearance 8/10 character 9/10 maybe to high but i like how i look and how i am,ofc i have some traits or flaws that dont make me perfect even in my own eyes? Rate yourself?
Many explain this term as two of the big three(sun, moon, ASC) being in one sign. BUT. Does the sun have to be one of them? So, is(for instance) a libra sun, cancer moon, cancer ASC a double cancer? Sounds weird to me; the person is not even a cancer, but
A friend of mine have this placement and currently the transit Sun is conjuncting it. She had a situation in her office where people was talking awful stuff behind her back and now she is kinda of isolating herself from the group (co-workers). anyone e
What do you think life looks like for those born with their Moon in the opposite sign of yours. https://media.giphy.com/media/W6NERupfSEP72/giphy.gif https://s3.amazonaws.com/spoonuniversi-wpengine/spoonuniversi/wp-content/uploads/sites/143/2016/06/ca
Im a Scorpio guy, and i like a Cancer girl for 2 years, she likes me as well(her friend told me that), but we have never ever talked before, its just eye contact and body language, and i simply freeze when shes nearby, even when i had a girlfriend i could
Keywords: Bravery, courage, war, fight, power, strength, leadership, pride, fearless...
My cap moon said that he found himself rushing home to see me after work, we have been living together since I moved to this new place and it's definitely a huge difference, we go to bed together, wake up together, have breakfast and dinner together, it's
How are capricorn guys in relationships? Also how are they sexually? Would they be compatible with Leos? Would Aries be a better match for Leos? Any insight will be helpful.
So Mercury is in the shadow period to go Retrograde from December 3rd until the 22nd. Atleast it's only 3 weeks long. Unfortunately this will be the first time I've seen my Cancer in 2.5 years right smack in the middle of this, I'm hoping for no goofs
Go ahead and vent your sorrows, good news, thoughts, or feelings, no one is going to judge. Studies show that venting helps you move on to the next best thing in your life...
Some astrologers say that is the sun, others say Saturn and a lot of them say it is Mars because its the 1st example of male energy one's perceive in life. I strongly believe that Mars is a 100% accurate on how we see our fathers. Mine and my GF is 100
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuCq8mtK8J4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI54sKyqS7Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYS-zFrcD_A&index=10&list=PLPyf_jfw2fUQQgGo2zd7WNOoUYomLA2XK
Hello, after 3 years i wouldlike to ask this question. Why did this Taurus woman treat me like a little sister, like a little girl when we were in the same company? Was c0****ckblocking me before the Virgo ( the one i was talking about before). I ha

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I guess, in a few more days, Ands will, too.
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What countries immediately signal to you that their products are of good quality?
So let’s say your interested in man and you find he could be a potential but you have a child and you’ve been a single mom for a while. My experience is I like the guy, at that time the relationship is decent but I can’t find it in me to see him long term
she's a pharmacy assistant at the drug store. she keeps on staring at me. i kinda like her. she seems like she has this CC attitude. a while ago, i caught her staring at me again. something draws me to her. she's not pretty i doubt she's not smart
At my favorite table, my favorite eating place. I can't finish eating and I ask for the check. I go out to have a smoke. The female Maitre d' waits for me. ''I ve been meaning to tell you this since long - but you'll get sick one day and when you do it's
Talk me out of it. Also, happy thanksgiving america. Kthnxbai.
Is it a way to show someone that you are interested in them when you are not? Excuse me...what’s the point of this? Ego boost? Or just lots of time on ones hands? Or it is actually coming onto someone but when they don’t respond - pretending it’s jus
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
It seems like on every thread you gotta pop up and remind everybody for the millionth time about your opinion about Libras. Why u so hard up on Libras? We get it. You despise em. And naw, I can honestly say I dont fit your description of what you think or
Ands + Damnata = Cloudy Gemitati + hydorah = LittleFairy, Ands, firebunny, Teena I'm your uncle, Cloudy! :)
Hey! Saw you in my dream. You told me you are engaged and showed me the ring with blue stone. Square shape. Beautiful. And my Mom told me someone calls you Tara.ike a nickname. But when we were talking you had been with another man who you said wa
Went on a first date with this Capricorn man and he asked me a lot of questions including what I like to do with friends, where we go and where they live. When I asked what about himself. He goes I don't have many friends. I work from home and at my free
i’m trying not to be a cookiemonster & snap & cut him off like i usually would by now because i really do like him. he told me that he likes that i’m really nice, affectionate, and goofy when i recently asked him what he liked about me, so i feel like i’m doing o
Hello our beautiful opposite ♥ I'm here trying to understand how gemini "feelings" work I know how he think, and he is so smart, I never met anyone who is fast as he is :mercury gemini in 3th house 🔥😁 The thing is .. I do love him, but I can't
So while in one thread, I found a link to a site that has a way you can find your partner using astrology and your birth chart. According to the site: For a woman, your partner is represented by Mars; For a man, it would be Venus First find the h
*filed in the court where Gemitati is the judge* Counsel for the Plaintiff: firebunny Summons sent. Waiting for the Answer.