Can someone explain it reference how to understand what your moon or mercury and so means? I have it all charted but i cant translate it.
What are some careers related to this placement? Opposite Jupiter in the 4th Trine Moon and Pluto in the 6th Sextile Uranus and Neptune in the 8th Other placements: vênus/Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 9th I came up with some fields: Acting
In Roman legend, Bacchus stepped in for Dionysus, and earned the title of party god. In fact, a drunken orgy is still called a bacchanalia, and for good reason. Devotees of Bacchus whipped themselves into a frenzy of intoxication, and in the spring Roman
So.. a Saturn return. It happens when Saturn transits and conjuncts your sun sign. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experience with this. Personally, I've seen people experience major operations, divorces, births, marriages,breakdowsn during this tran
The cap moon is staying at my new place each night now because I don't like to be alone at nights and yesterday I said I needed gray sheets and today he showed up with them, I mentioned a shower curtain and he's got it, I didn't eat today and he showed up
Also it would help if you justified your planets like your rising sign, sun, moon, etc. game? 🙋🏻
Crossing my fingers this one gets posted. So I've had the misfortune of having an abusive father that was one and now I work under a supervisor who is one. For those who are familiar with the sign itself and the ways it can be sadistic, I need to know
If you let draw your chart including theArabic Parts, there you see the Lot of Nemesis in the chart. For those who want to calculate it by themselves it is [Day] Lot = Ascendant + Fortune - Saturn [Night] Lot = Ascendant + Saturn - Fort
from a person whose chart has at least three karmik contacts to yours?
I notice Aries loves to chase after Leos and Scorpios seem to desperately want to possess them. But then again Scorpios also acts this way towards Taurus and Libras.
Goggles Saturn Returns. What’s posted below - is it inevitable or it a choice? Saturn Returns can help you be a stronger person. Your future self is rooting for you! If you are currently in this grey period of your life, try one of these tips to help
The 3rd sign in the Zodiac. The Mercury-ruled Air sign. The three syllable sign: Gem-In-Ni. Most iconic sign in the Zodiac. So tell us... What is your experience with this sign? List it here. [img][/img]
Which was it? I am keen on transits and just want to know if you can really feel harsh or beneficial transits, too.
1. Do you have long fingers? High arch? 2. Do you play an instrument? Can you dance? 3. What is your dominant element?
could be the reason why I have zero lovelife?
A. Friend Who's your bff? Do you have any similarities/differences worth highlighting.. What is the glue that keeps you sticking? B. Foe Was the initial encounter magnetic or gradual? How long before it turned sour? What was the reason? On
So to make a long complicated story short, I've had a VERY difficult time dealing with people with this placement (especially the males) and while there are exceptions, it has been a rough go. I was unfortunate enough to have one as a father and he was
So to make a long complicated story short, I've had a VERY difficult time dealing with people with this placement (especially the males) and while there are exceptions, it has been a rough go. I was unfortunate enough to have one as a father and he was
My Mom just got me a beautiful amethyst ring. I want to wear it and make her happy but as soon as I wear it my head hurts a little and I'm super sleepy. What should I do??
Hey guys feel free to post your ideal type of woman/man, certain facial features, body features that really captivate your liking of them!. -Do you have a certain race/ethnic background that you like? -What sign are you usually attracted to? -What

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What's up Bro-Nation, What is something females do that you find as a big turn off ?
'The Sixth Sense' by M. Night Shyamalan (stars Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment) Beautiful, spiritual, chilling, deep...
Dear Aquarians, it's my turn now to have some doubts about my SO. As most of you know already, he is an Aqua Sun Pisces Moon, I am a double Libra (Sun and Moon). Our relationship is based on friendship and is going well as far as it concern me, but he doe
Hi guys. My virgo ex and I(aquarius) been together for 2 years. Well we really loved one another and i know he does,i still really do. Well 2 months ago, he came clean to me that he cheatd with 3 girls(slept with 3 girls in month) during our 2nd month tog
The Pisces came back to me last week. We then bumped into each other at the same club on Wed and I was with someone else. She was really upset and jealous and became territorial. She left the place and was texting me on her way home (I smashed my phone by
I just don't understand. The two people who matter most to me, haven't done any attempt to come to see me Two people who know, that when they were in this situation, i would do anything 😢😢😢 im so sad right now Even our mutual friends, relatives
What is your sign doing?? [b]1.) When they're at the beach [/b] burying myself in the sand [b]2.) When you're in a pool party[/b] Sitting at the corner of the pool edge and freaking eating and watching [b]3.) When you're in a group of frie
My best friend became less communicative about a month ago then I received a text invite to a get together at his house. By this time his wife is 9 months pregnant. My sister asked if they had a baby shower after seeing gifts in the nursery. I was shocked
I love how deep and creative they are. And I love their fashion choices. Ugh her outfit is flawless!
Is it a way to show someone that you are interested in them when you are not? Excuse me...what’s the point of this? Ego boost? Or just lots of time on ones hands? Or it is actually coming onto someone but when they don’t respond - pretending it’s jus
Hey y'all..... Just started dating this scorpion.. First time on THIS board woohooo! Anyway he pursued me.. On fb, via mutual friends. Good sign. We spent a couple weekends together. We live a couple hrs apart. Hit it off pretty well.. Lots in common.. He
Rate your own appearance and also your character? appearance 8/10 character 9/10 maybe to high but i like how i look and how i am,ofc i have some traits or flaws that dont make me perfect even in my own eyes? Rate yourself?
It seems like on every thread you gotta pop up and remind everybody for the millionth time about your opinion about Libras. Why u so hard up on Libras? We get it. You despise em. And naw, I can honestly say I dont fit your description of what you think or
Just wondering if I'm the only Taurus that put work before a relationship, I mean it seems about right ..