Can a Gemini be faithful?

Firstly, my apologies to the Geminis out there! I'm not trying to generalise, just wondering if anyone can give me some
Firstly, my apologies to the Geminis out there! I'm not trying to generalise, just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on their personal experiences. I am a Libran woman in a relationship with a Gemini man. I've had long-term relationships with three Geminis, and they all ended because my boyfriends cheated on me. I am deeply in love with my boyfriend, but for some reason, I have trust issues. He treats me really well, but I know that he has been unfaithful in his past relationships and this makes me feel paranoid. Although my partner is really loving and attentive, he seems to have a roaming eye. I've read some astrologers descriptions of Gems in love, and every one of them said that Geminis are prone to have secret affairs. Can anyone give me some feedback from their experiences with Gem partners? (I'd especially love to hear from Gems about how they are in relationships.) Thanks!
of course! up to 5 years..
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Gems can have secret affairs and the shotgun was actually invented to use for this specific purpose.
Hi venusian1! I too am a Libran woman with experience of Gemini men, but I must stress that this is only me relating my personal experience, so don't take it too seriously ok? (know what us Librans are like!) Well, I just ended a marriage with a Gemini. We were together for 17 years, and boy did I learn some ugly truths (which he kept veiled so well, too well in fact). My husband was seeing other women throughout our marriage. I don't know what the tally is, that's the extent of his cheating. Nine years into our marriage, I found out that he had been dating a woman for 5 years of our marriage. He kept it all so well hidden, and was an expert at knowing how to cover up his escapades. I did have suspicions (Libran intuition), and confronted him about them on many different occasions. Each time I did, he told me 'What are you talking about?! I love you. I can't believe you would think such a thing!' He made me think I was going crazy. Of course, being Libran, I expected that what he told me was the truth (we can be gullible, oh yes, very) Then, one day, this woman appears at the door, and asks to speak to me. She told me that she had been seeing my husband for five years, and finally ended it because he wouldn't commit to her. She wanted me to know what was going on, because she said she thought I would never find out otherwise. Anyway, I've been rambling on too long. All I can say is that my experience of Geminis has been very painful. I never felt like I knew who he was, and he was so good at masking himself. I'd just like to point out as well that we had an active, adventurous sex life throughout our marriage, and that still didn't stop him from venturing elsewhere for his kicks. But, as I said before, don't take my experiences too seriously, as you can't judge them all through the follies of one.
Oh, and there's another thing I wanted to add venusian1. If your intuition is strongly suggesting that something isn't right--listen to it! As librans, we have a tendency to not trust our instincts, because we always want to believe the best in people. This can lead to us being manipulated and abused by others, because we always want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If you're having bad feelings, don't turn your back on them like I did. I know it can be difficult when you don't have anything to work from, especially if your partner is as good at cover-ups as mine was. I know that this is probably eating you up (Libras focus all of their attention on their relationships, and when they're going wrong, we suffer...badly) Just listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.
Oh viva, I actually cried after I read your messages. I'm so sorry for what you've experienced. I know that, as Librans, we focus all our energies on our relationships and if we're having troubles with partners, we can actually become physically ill and it takes over everything. How did you cope throughout when you felt something was going on? I hope you haven't lost heart and switched off to love because of your bad experiences with your husband. Please tell me you haven't!
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Funny topic I find Libras to be too evasive. A Gemini and Libra relationship should ordinarily be very close and cozy for that matter. I've never had any luck so far with Libra girls although I have already sensed the spontaniety, just like with Aquarius it can be unusually spontaneous. The problem might be with you mainly since the Libra sign is about relationships on a deeper level including marriage I haven't seen this association with Geminis but then I don't think that there are many Geminis out there that will formally and legally marry and then cheat on their partners - just doesn't make sense whatsoever no Geminis maybe Fire signs but not this Air sign, if Geminis marry they mostly marry for good. Geminis are smart enough to rationalize not to get into some kind of legal monogamic relationship if monogamy is not what they are interested in. Its probably your Cardinal vibe that's making the Geminis in your life difficult to control.
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WoW! I just took a look at Viva's post, ok this is the two sides of only one coin Libra charm and Gemini charm both can be used as very useful weapons (personal weapons), Libras are not without it just as Geminis are not without it except that Libra charm is no way near as dangerous as Gemini charm can be not even Scorpio can fathom it completely, all those those Venusian Libra characteristics that you Libras utilize to get your own way with other signs might not work with Gemini - using charm against each other especially these two is not a good idea at all Gemini especially is very tricky and manipulative (mark my word I know what I'm talking about) Libra charm is more effecitve against a Leo, a Taurus an Aries or some other signs but not Gemini. Its a mix of your excessive utilization of your Cardinal mode and excessive charm on this sign that might have cost you bad luck. As far as I can tell you girls got charmed out and badly cheated on (very badly) with tricks invented not by your sign but the sign that preceeds yours.
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Your relationship should be based on a shared elemental mutual understanding, I'm not suggesting that you should divorce yourselves off your natural zodiacal proclivities (which is basically impossible) as its these very proclivities that are utilized to get what you wan't or need in life but then Libra and Gemini are a natural trine so you have to be both honest with yourself and your partner, those games that you are naturally inclined to play with other signs might not work in this combination and in the end only Libra will be stranded and hurt as Gemini will always escape in the final scene, always.
Joe, you are absolutely right in everything you said. If I think about it, the 'charm' issue was the main problem in our relationship, and it manifested in many different ways. It's a strange paradox, the relationship between Librans and Geminis. I think the two signs get on exceptionally well. For Librans, the problems arise when (and I can only speak from my side, as a Libran) the Libran gets frustrated because they sense that there is something the Gem is not saying, always keeping hidden, and vice versa. We then expend all of our energies trying to figure out what's going on under that veneer of nicety that the Gem is a master of. If the Gem is unhappy, instead of confronting their partner or the situation, they silently plot their next move. In this sense, I would classify Gems as opportunists in love, waiting for the next best thing to turn up. Until it does, they will carry on giving the impression that 'everything is ok'. Having said that, my Gemini partner was so giving, attentive, thoughtful, engaging. Apart from his extramarital activities, we got on very well. Librans are just as guilty of deception. We too have an inability to face conflict, and will glaze over situations that we know are toxic. Librans have an amazing ability to rationalize an attachment, a relationship that is blatantly not right. I think one of our greatest flaws is our self-deception. However, (and this is something that most Librans don't want to hear), we can use other people to get what we want without even realising we're doing it. I'm sure if you talk to an older Libran, they will tell you that they have broken many hearts, but, funnily, they usually remain friends with their ex partners. Okay, I'm definitely rambling now--sorry!
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My Dad's a Gemini and he's been faithful to my mom for 35 years. How do I know this? He's a homebody - never leaves the house except to work and come home. Gems may be players when they're younger, but they have it in them to be faithful as they get older.
Thanks to everyone for their feedback on this one. Mr Nice--you are absolutely right, Gems are terribly fickle! (Can I ask what sign you are?) I think what I find so shocking is how quickly Gems detach. One of my work colleagues is a Gem, and he just left a 25 year marriage without even looking back! He won't accept any of his ex-wife's calls (even though the marriage ended because...he had an affair lol) He used to talk about how he and his ex were great friends, that they'd been there for each other through tough times and pulled through, then the minute he finds someone else, he ditches her--shocking. He told me that he finds it very easy to move on when it comes to love. Viva, you made some very good points about Libra/Gem interraction, very accurate, especially when you said that both signs would glaze over problems because they want to avoid conflict. This is so true, and I think this is where problems arise in a Libra/Gem relationship. When it good, it's amazing though, such a connection.
My first love was a gemini and have had a few more relationships with them since. I have found that if you have a great friendship with them, they will be true. I was the one who cheated, not him. If you have a profound friendship connection, most likely, they will have no need to cheat.
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i have quite a few male gem pals and each one has "cheated" on who they were seeing at the time. interestingly enough - they did not view it as cheating...rather, getting to know someone else better cuz they got that...uh, curious mind wants to know thing goin' on. one of my married gem pals sees nothing wrong with being with other women - just his way i suppose. to each their own. *he is not a happy sort.

great pals for me to hang with and that is about it.
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I think it probably boils down to, MEN are more likely to cheat, no matter what their sign.
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