Disney Princesses According to Sign

*Some 'Princesses' listed below aren't actual princesses, but believed to be* Princess Jazmine = Scorpio Princess Ci
" GRAB ON TO SOME..DUCK TAILS!! Da Original Rubba Band Man... "
*Some 'Princesses' listed below aren't actual princesses, but believed to be*

Princess Jazmine = Scorpio
Princess Cinderella = Cancer
Princess Mulan = Gemini
Princess Anastacia = Capricorn
Princess Belle = Libra
Princess Aurora = Aquarius
Princess Ariel = Pisces
Princess Meg = Aries
Princess Pocahontas = Leo
Princess Repunzal = Sag
Princess Snow White = Virgo
Princess Tiana = Taurus

Rapunzel is Aquarius!
Its actually stated in an Astrology book!
male from q8
i know leo look like jasmine
male from q8
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" Rising Leo Virgo Sun + Ar
Who's princess Tiana?
" GRAB ON TO SOME..DUCK TAILS!! Da Original Rubba Band Man... "
Tiana is a new Disney Princess that will be coming out sometime next year.

Meg (or megara) was on the GREATEST Disney movie, Hercules, but she isn't REALLY a princess. Her part was SO feiry!!!!!

Jazmine? Leo? Hmmm..ya could be right!!!! She IS bold...as hell!!
30 years old

thats the asian chick right?
I think Jazmine is Scorpio because she is attracted to Aladin who perfectly matches a Pisces character.
" GRAB ON TO SOME..DUCK TAILS!! Da Original Rubba Band Man... "
Aladdin? Pisces? Sho-nuff, The way he was willing to change himself for Jazmine.
Either way, damn Aladdin was FINE!!!! Oh, LAWD have mercy! Man, I'd like 2 minutes wit him in the Disney studio. A whole new world, indeed. 0_0

Dang, you look like my old teacher GeminiFox!! Did you use to teach 7th grade World Studies & Spanish? 0.o
" GRAB ON TO SOME..DUCK TAILS!! Da Original Rubba Band Man... "

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