Most likeable & unlikeable sign?

27 years old female from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Part of Fortune in Scorpio Sun in Capricorn Moon in Gemini Mercury in Capricorn
From a Capricorn's point of view...

Most Likable:

Men- Leos, Aquarians, Scorpios and Geminis. (They're all fun!)
Women- Geminis, other Capricorns, Sagittarians and Virgos. (Most of my most valued friends are of these signs.)

Least Likable:

Men- Aries (Have nothing in common) and Pisces (TOO sensitive for me)
Women- Pisces, Cancers, Libra
female from .....
SunVirgo10?01'4510direct MoonTaurus28?43'3307direct MercuryLibra07?04'4
Most Likeable
Female - Libra and Sags
Male - Scorps, Virgos, Aries

What can I say? I like people who tell it how it is!

Female - Gemini....sometimes Cancer
Male - Sags for un-tactful sexual behavior and Caps for weird games and coldness
female from United States
I click well with...(yeah, I'm wording it differently)


It's sometimes more challenging with...


With the rest it can go either way...I've just happened to notice a pattern with the above.




ALL j/k

Maybe some Pisces

21 years old female from Ithaca, NY, USA
" Rising: Aries Sun: Gemini Moon: Sagitt
Most likeable:
male: Libra
female: Gemini

Most unlikable:
male: idk
female: Sag.
21 years old female from Ithaca, NY, USA
" Rising: Aries Sun: Gemini Moon: Sagitt
HEY what's wrong with a gemini woman most people think i'm awesome.
31 years old male from the rusty planet.
"I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big stick and find honor in such, balancin

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31 years old male from the rusty planet.
"I can be soft spoken, but I carry a big stick and find honor in such, balancin

unlikeable: Aries. Most of the Aries I've been in contact with were either a fairweather friend or dishonest.

likeable: I pretty much am cool with any male sign except Aries, although there are a few exceptions.


unlikeable: I don't take the time to find out the sign of a girl who is a cookiemonster.

likeable: Libra, Sagitarius, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn.
41 years old male from hamburg, germany
Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Sun Scorpio 27.33 Moon Gemini
lol tg, you're with a scorp. shouldn't it be on your list. when you're fighting under unlikeable, when you make up again under likeable...
37 years old female from Canada
Sun in TAURUS Moon in Virgo Mercury in Aries
Most likeable
male : sag / gem
female : aquarius

Most unlikeable
male : cancer, easy
female : leo
I am a true and Rising Sign is in 02 Degrees Leo Sun is in 26 Degrees Pisc
Most Likeable:
aries, cappy, virgo

Most Unlikeable:
25 years old male from PA
well i dont know alot about other signs but i like Gemini personalitys are the best, they are so creative and exciting.
male from the left coast
SUN* Gemini
*Most Likeable*

men: Aries

women: Aquarious

*Most Unlikeable*

men: Leo

women: Virgo
"Ha, I was just joking. Do anything to get me name of the front page."
Most Likeable signs: Sagittarius and Pisces

Most Unlikable signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius
52 years old female
Scorpio sun with libra moon and leo ascendant chinese snake
Most likeable (excluding scorpios)
Male - cancer, pisces, taurus
female - cancer, capricorn, some virgos

Most unlikeable
Male - Gemini, Sagittarius, libra
Female - Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo
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