Stellium in 5th House/Capricorn

"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr
Is your sun sign conjunct any ot them?
You can reflect on the following: Capricorn-Saturn relates to work and career. This planet makes you work for it, the hard way, so you'll feel the need to take the harder path for reasons nobody really understands. The fifth house belongs to Leo, and as such, it rules creativity, kids, play, lovers and love stories. Look at your Neptune in your natal chart: which planet does it aspects? Is the planet in Capricorn? Does it aspect Saturn? That's how you get some clues about the field you idealize without reason. Neptune in Cappy .. is it social status and position you glamorize, thinking that getting higher in the social hierarchy will give you what you dream of? Being a Capricorn sun, that's quite likely. Is having kids what you idealize? Do some soul searching because the house where Neptune sits is a house of sacrifice. Some sacrifice is necessary; the house has enormous potential for the soul to grow, but that's done through suffering.
Wherever outer planets get involved, personal planets are affected and we can find ourselves to our knees, suffering for unknown reasons, until some higher understanding is achieved. Sometimes this requires facing serious life situations. With Uranus there your attitude towards kids won't be the regular one; Uranus as we know didn't like the flesh and blood kids, it's the spirit he likes. Sometimes the planet requires that you reinvent or live the relationship with kids differently. This can range into all kinds of variations: custody issues, offsprings that we adopt based on community of ideas rather than sharing the same blood etc

"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr

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"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr

*sigh* must you really know?
23 years old male from Montreal
Sun in Capricorn Moon In Pisces Rising In Virgo Mars In
Does anyone have a good description on this? I did a bit of research and they're pretty contradictory.
I have my Sun, Uranus, Neptune & Pallas in it.

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