Venus and Mars in the same house?

I was wondering if anyone can shine some light into the chart situation where the Mars and Venus are in the same house.
112 years old female
I was wondering if anyone can shine some light into the chart situation where the Mars and Venus are in the same house.
I have Mars and Venus in the eighth house. What on earth does this mean? And how odd is it to have two planets in one house? Seems odd to me.

Thanks ahead of time!
112 years old female
Sangfroid oddly enough to me its not that random. It all makes sense what and how you write.
Your husband sounds funny im sure you have many laughs with him! From what I know you caps are very driven self oriented and intellectual beings. I think that whole fiery romantic types in each sign is idealized, hardly anyone is like that. Not saying that people are not romantic just with the mix of every other aspect its not that casanova fairytale lust and hotness lol.

I never found too much info on dual planets in houses, and in my own chart half are planets in houses and half are signs in houses. This really puzzled me so I came back here. Actually I got into Vedic astrology and its like this whole other level to the tropical. Im prob going off on a tangent here.

I appreciate your extensive response. Its quite nice to read something longer than a line
112 years old female

Beyond the basic moon mars etc in signs I just dont get planets orbs and their relationships to each other as far as placement. So I have no idea what to even search for as far as explanations. I do have a chart though

I have Venus In Virgo and Mars in Cancer so I know what those mean.

Venus Square Jupiter
Venus Square Uranus
Venus Trine Netptune
Venus Trine Midheaven which is Scorpio

Mars Trine Midheaven which is Scorpio

But as far as houses my Mars and Venus are in the same house.

Sangfroid- yea Vedic is very complex and confusing but it seems to give a deeper level of understanding imo to sign relations and character. haha @ thread Jackin, Its all good

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