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As for me, I??m a Virgo and my style of humor is intelligent humor, sometimes sarcastic, but never vulgar, always decent and refined.

The kind of humor I admire is like one-liners of Mark Twain.


???Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.??
???Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.??

What??s your zodiac sign and what kind of humor do you have & you admire?
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hilariously condescending

Saggi, Merc in Scorp
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good question. I'm cap. I like most, but my favorites are physical comedy, double entendres, deadpan delivery, and love observational. backhanded compliments are comedy gems.
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good question. I'm cap. I like most, but my favorites are physical comedy, double entendres, deadpan delivery, and love observational. backhanded compliments are comedy gems.

Same here.

I like a little raunchy humor too.
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witty humour (I enjoy Charlie Sheen's style)

I like that wity humor. I really laugh act people out of place emotion to sistuations. I find people reaction to situation funny. Its always that emotion when they had lose control. Its not all sistuation its just more of how dramatic the reaction people give to certain situation. For example I had a issue with my old job, before leaving them I was soooo calm .holding butter in. Then I just blew. I was saying all type of butter out my mouth banging on doors doing all type of butter when it was over I laugh so hard.

I remember yrs ago I had a overly nice coworker that came off so calm but one did he just got piss off wit another coworker and started to argue with a worker then turn around and stop arguing and began to bang his head on the wall.act the time I wasn't laughing but when I got home and thought about it I could stop laughing.

At my aunt wedding my non singing cousin decide to sing.I lmao,it wasn't the fact that she couldn't sing ,it was because she was soo confident and the emotion she showed toward the song she choice.
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