Aqua and Scorpio

why is this such a bad pairing (for any kind of relationship)?
Posted by xBruceCampbellx
I've heard it's not such a bad pairing.

yes it is
from H-Town
Aqua brushes off a Scorpios feelings, and in return Scorpio stings Aqua in retaliation to the pain, but Aqua just disappears on the Scorpio and their sting, just to pop up once again when they've come down from the clouds.. only for Scorpio to take Aqua back because they still deeply care and tries to explain what Aqua did, so the cycle starts all over again..

These are two signs that truly can not dominate each other. It’s either heaven or hell.
38 years old male from San Antonio, TX, USA
The man, the legend.
Two hard heads coming to together with their own agendas.
Psycho Not, NOT Psychonaut
I've heard it's not such a bad pairing.
why is this such a bad pairing (for any kind of relationship)?

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