best liars of the zodiac?

who can really work it and convincingly? i think libras and geminis...definitely the air signs. but aquarius is pretty h
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  • curious visitor
    33 years old female from tampa area, florida, usa
    aquarians...can be great liars. they are very charming and socially outgoing. once you believe they are great (which i don't understand, because they're usually self-serving markers, charming or not), you will believe anything they tell you until you realize how full of butter they are.
    pisces...they don't really lie. they just have an evershifting grasp on reality and their own beliefs and emotions. which is why you shouldn't actually listen to them or care what they say. they'll like you a lot more that way anyways. they feel way too much pressure when people take the things they say and do seriously. except when they are serious, why don't you take me seriously. i'm such a martyr.


    i'm a libra. moon and ascendent in leo.

    i'm good at lying, but i'm too proud to do it often.
  • Yea..I agree..libras to me.. are the best of liars..charming is their specialty!!
  • Sag_Cap_Beauty*Cusp
    23 years old female from WhereTheSunshines:), New Jersey
    Yes ALL of the air signs are definitley the best liars. . . . definitley
  • aquarius!!
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