is Composite Venus square Saturn always doomed?

My gf and I both have saturn in Saggitarius..her venus is in Scorpio, mine in Cancer.. I heard this is a very tough a
My gf and I both have saturn in Saggitarius..her venus is in Scorpio, mine in Cancer..

I heard this is a very tough aspect....
"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr
Is this aspect present in your composite chart?

Usually, yes. Saturn is the lord of Karma and it represents the unconscious fear we have in approaching the relationship. In a composite relationship one of the partners takes the role of Saturn while the other plays the careless pretty Venus. Since both of you share the same Saturn it is probable you take turns in expressing that fear. Saturn in Sagittarius may mean the fear of commitment, loss of freedom.
From my personal experience, Venus square Saturn can create pain because you want a love relationship and instead what happens is the purest truest friendship. Or one of the partners is unavailable, either there's someone else or there's distance separating them, or timing.
Saturn generally delays results. Or, depending on prior karma, it makes them .. not happen. Hope you're the exception, however, the aspect does leave place for good self discovery and authentic friendship that endures.
so in the end...theres probably no way out of this between me and her even if things are going good now? I definitely do have my insecurities...and I stress about them every now and then..(im a cancer)
and is in the composite chart
thanks is the rest of the chart..i did a cafeastrology report thing..and it gave me this..

here is my synastry

Me: (Cancer male)
Sun position -Cancer
Moon position -Taurus
Mercury position -Cancer
Venus position -Cancer
Mars position -Leo
Jupiter position -Aries
Saturn position-Sagittarius
Uranus position -Sagittarius
Neptune position -Capricorn
Pluto position-Scorpio
Asc. position-Scorpio
MC position-Leo

Her: (Scorpio female)
Sun position- Scorpio
Moon position-Cancer
Mercury position- Scorpio
Venus position-Scorpio
Mars position -Aquarius
Jupiter position -Pisces
Saturn position-Sagittarius
Uranus position -Sagittarius
Neptune position -Capricorn
Pluto position is -Scorpio
Asc. position is-Leo
MC position -Taurus

for the composite I got some pretty bad ones I think?
-Composite Moon Square Mercury
-Composite Moon Square Venus
-Composite Moon Opposition Saturn
-Composite Mercury Conjunct Venus
-Composite Venus Square Saturn
-Composite Jupiter Square Neptune
-Composite Sun Square Uranus
-Composite Moon Sextile Jupiter
-Composite Mercury Trine Mars
-Composite Mercury Square Saturn
-Composite Mercury Trine Neptune
-Composite Mercury Sextile Pluto
-Composite Venus Trine Mars
-Composite Venus Trine Neptune
-Composite Venus Sextile Pluto
-Composite Jupiter Quincunx Pluto

thanks a lot! would birthtimes help?

oo and supposedly..the report also says..'

-Her Ascendent trines my Uranus
-Her Uranus in my 2nd house
-My Uranus in her 5th house

"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr
There are a few problematic aspects that are quite difficult to live, but I don't find this one to be that bad, because although it may not give the happiest outcome, striving to improve it can give beautiful results. This as opposed to other more unfortunate ones such as Mars square Pluto (or Uranus), Venus square Neptune, Sun square Mars etc. Still, composite charts are very complex, better ask for a professional reading or start studying seriously rather than getting scared. Aspects have a mysterious life, they can manifest in weird ways that can fall in perfectly to the couples agreement. There's karma involved.
"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr
@bluemoon, Will and Jada are together however that Uranus comes to define an unusual atypical original marriage where he does what he wants. Him being a Libra and her a Virgo if I recall correctly, I can imagine where freedom stands ..
For the Venus retrograde, I think its the beginning of their relationship that counts more than the retrograde after

To the op, the above comment was written for the Venus sq Saturn aspect.

her pursuit is completely different from terms of career im doing my own thing in biotech and science..shes still working her education but in psychology (scorpios, go figure)..I do notice that both of us can be really possessive and clingy to each other..I dont mind her clingyness at all though...its just that her past still kinda bothers me every now and then..she was in a 6 year on and off relationship and it wasnt a good one.....and shes also my first which is probably why im over analyzing things too much...i said the three words to her 3 months into the relationship..and she didnt say it back..she said she was scared to get hurt again so shes taking everything slow..I just hope shes not still into her ex..even though its been roughly a year since they broke up..Its these things that worry me between me and her..I know it shouldn't but yeah..

thanks a lot for reading this stuff for me though..Im into astrology..but only the main stuff such as sun,moon,rising, venus mercury and thats about it...this whole composite thing is all new to me
she doesnt really have much hobbies..she just likes to go out and do things with me which I find really friends have told me I could do better..not to sound conceited or anything..but for some reason I find myself really attracted to her...I dont know if my gut instinct is right..or if I am just being insecure..
"Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Noel Tyl, Demetra George, Jeffr
Well, without seeing the chart ..the personal planets are a good mix. Is your moon conjunct the other person's MC? Neat also, Scorp asc and Leo asc + that Venus / Mars combination gives very good sex
Don't worry, astrology isn't as advanced as to tell you why ppl pick some over others .. maybe there's karma, maybe it's all our doing

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