Should I Contact The Woman That Abused Me? + Plus 'Redpill'

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  • How did you begin believing in astrology?

    I use to think astrology was butter The only reason I gave it a chance was because of its religious origins. Now it’s probably one of the most common thoughts when I meet someone. Did u start from those lame horoscope things online?
  • What zodiac element would you like to have...

    if you were given a chance to change your current one? Please state your reason and Sun sign. :)
  • I ran my Mom’s chart .. finally

    I have always thought I didn’t want to date a Libra due to my relationship with my Libra mother. She is just so detached and I sometimes I wonder if she has emotions.. so different than the Libra I’m dating. Imagine my shock they share 3 placements lol!!
  • Transit venus conjunct north node opposite mars

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell what it means when venus is conjunct north node and mars is conjunct south node so it opposes venus. It`s pretty much happening now and wondering what its effects could ne in love and finances?
  • Why are Virgo moon and Taurus moon compatibile?

    It doesn't make sense to me. Virgo moons are much less materialistic than Taurus moon. How do they go so well together? Also Taurus moons are typically homebodies who just want to be secure and lavished. Virgo moons seem a bit more open minded and adven
  • World with the Same Sign

    Ok, so imagine the same world we live in with 7 billion people or whatever. But imagine you turn everyone into the same sign (let's go with just sun sign, all other placements are the same or random). So a world of all Aries suns, another with all Taurus
  • Do you believe in cusps?

    Give me a reason to support your claim.
  • How do you feel your Mars placement in your real life?

    Does it really indicates how do you get the things you want? Does it indicates the type of business you run? Does it indicates how do you perceive the men in your life?
  • Work dynamic.

    Tell me about the people you work with and what their sign is. Who do you like and who don't you get along with? The place I work at is pretty big but it's mostly women unfortunately. :P I will describe the few men in my group first. Gemini male I
  • I hate WATER signs ❤️

    I love water signs, but this thread isn’t about love This thread is for intolerant bigots posts only No need for fact checking & no room for emotional outbursts Back the treetr*nk up ✝️ ❤️
  • Ceres in astrology ?

    So i have Ceres in the 11th house in scorpio what does this mean ?