What is your sign and your MBTI type?

Im a Pisces and my MBTI is INFP If you dont know yours you can take the test right here https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test
Sun, Mercury, and Venus Pisces🐳 Aquarius Moon,Rising,Uranus,&Jupiter🌬💦
Im a Pisces and my MBTI is INFP

If you dont know yours you can take the test right here

24 years old female
"Scorpio sun,Taurus moon, Gemini rising"
Aqua 5th House/Scorp Moon/Virgo ASC Male
Commander (ENTJ-T)

Honestly, in group situations, where there isn't a clear leader presented/present, i quickly make my way to the top of the decision making process, because i just can't stand to be led by someone less competent.
Venusian Scorp
Scorpio INFJ
Cancer ENFP
I think I'm more of an introvert tho
Pisces Male 🌙

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married, Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Leo venus, Libra rising, Libra mars, Libra dom
Pisces ENFJ
My Aqua is also an INFP. I had him take the test pretty early on because I thought we were so different but it turned out that were exactly the same
4th Tier ISTJ marker with a Scorpio Moon
Scorpio ISTJ
No silicon heaven? Preposterous! Where would all the calculators go?
Cancer infj
4th Tier ISTJ marker with a Scorpio Moon
Let's change the mood from glad to sadness



The same as Jimmy

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