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For simplicity sake, let's avoid placements and just look at the characteristics of a particular sign in general. However, your experiences with said sign are more than valid. Which one drives you nuts, but for some reason you just can't get enough? Fo
English is not my mother language so i'll do my best so you guys can understand. So i saw this guy for the first time at a party, we've texting 4 months now. We see each other from time to time at a bar, we've never dated or something like that just bum
So, I met an Aquarius man who ended up becoming my treetrunk buddy. We hit it off immediately as we were obviously both attracted to each other and the vibe/conversation flowed so easily. The first time I went to his place, he was really sweet and funny and
I got insanely drunk last night and when I got home and made something to eat, I burnt my finger, and now there's a blister. Not cute.
help me out....I got nothin'.... XD
Hi Aquas. I met this aqua man in a dating website. He was very nice and said that i was "super cute". So we started talking more. Anyway, when i added him on my messaging app... his first message was a photo of himself.. naked. From then on, we started ta
Would you date my sis & can you guess her sun & moon ???
I'll go first! shameless!
..because Twinkle deleted and that awesome topic went away *shakes fists at twinkle*
What are the aspects for sex appeal? Physical magnetism? If you have it, pix and your natal chart 😘
Let's assume 8th house Suns, Pluto conj Sun/AC/Mars, Scorp Suns/Mars, in synastry Pluto square Sun, and whatever I forgot. If I have to get along with such a person (bf, siblings, room-mate, and such), how can we cooperate without me losing 100% of contro