• NOW gentle sleep hath closèd up those eyes Which, waking, kept my boldest thoughts in awe; And free access unto that sweet lip lies, From whence I long the rosy breath to draw. Methinks no wrong it were, if I should steal 5 From those tw
  • Any else read these? I have read all his books. They are creating a TV Series which comes out Jan 8th I can't wait, however i hope it does not turn into a huge let down, usually books > over TV/Movies.
  • Weight is received from the liver turning the sugars and carbohydrates with in the meals into fats. To your colon and the issues your colon may be having are a bit of extraordinary. Nutra Prime Cleanse The colon can preserve just about 15-20 kilos of wast
  • I just ordered a Kindle on Amazon. It's my gift to myself for if I survive the end of fall semester. I have fallen behind terribly on my book reading, and I am hoping this gift will help me get back on track. I read so much more in the past. It's ironic h
  • 'The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.' Thoughts on this? Chuck Palahniuk and Kurt Vonnegut are two of my favorite authors. I love their satirical writing and their dark writing. In this novel, Palahniuk has a v