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  • Confused please help.

    So yesterday he called and finally he talked and said he's in a spot where he's looking for a new job and probation blah blah so it's why he hasn't been catering to my needs. He also said the phone we had together stopped working so he threw it away...wha
  • Gifts

    How do you (Cancer men) feel about surprise gifts? I am thinking about sending a small edible arrangement to his job. Good idea or horrible idea???
  • Cancer men are Annoying

    Cancers if a female ask you to go away and have done wicked things towards you, why do you not go away? A woman can block you, change their number, and threaten to talk to your best friend to turn you off.. But a Cancer man will still continue to bother
  • he came back

    So update for anyone who cares....He actually sent a text today and liked my photo on social media after being silent for a week! No I didn't reply yet and I'm not going to that fast. Don't know what he's thinking..
  • How to move forward with a crab

    I've made my emotions and intentions very clear to this man. I know he's listening bc he's slowly showing actions over the sweet I love you's he just loooves to whisper in my ear. Yet he still thinks I am using him for a 'good time'. I'm so frusterated a
  • Help this Fish deal with her insecure Crab

    I have been dating the loveliest crab. He came into my life somewhat unexpectedly and things will never be the same. Our sex is out of this world! He is sweet, affectionate and thoughtful, going out of his way to do nice things for me. After dating
  • Don't want to ask, but could use opinions.

    Hey guys. I had this Cancer guy tell me back in May that he couldn't talk to me - he was going away for an extended work trip. I mean, wouldn't/couldn't contact me any more because I was still getting out of my old relationship. But then I was on vacat
  • lending moneyto a cancer

    Ive been friends with a cancer for 15 years now and we're soon to go on a holiday together. Ive paid the holiday in advance for both of us. She asked me twice what the total amount was, but uptil now she hasn't paid me back and it is not a small amount. I
  • Cancerian ex gf confusing HELP

    I got iced out by this Cancerian ex and she kept ignoring me so I thought I would play my last card. I thought making Cancerian girls really emotional will trigger something. I wrote a long heartwarming emotional letter and told her that this would be the
  • The butt of jokes

    At work I seem to be the butt of jokes, with the new employees following the lead of others who have been there longer. I just feel like, "Why me?" Why not one of the other guys who have been there. I try to tell myself I'm being too sensitive, but I e
  • texting him

    So I decided to text this Cancer Man "I really desire your kiss right now but you're far away " and I got no response at all! Normally he texts me back really quick. Now nothing. WTF? Did I came on too strong? Was he surprised? Did he feel it didn't need
  • Guess it's time to walk away..

    Some of ya'll have read my post on Confused. Well I have been playing it cool...just texting him every few days. He has texted me in between them days. Last night he texted me good night and we started talking. He asked me to help him get a job where I wo
  • Why do cancers keep people in mind?

    Hey i'm struggling here people. Me and my cancer ex boyfriend were together for 18 years and we also have 3 kids together. We had a bitter argument and he doesn't call or message me. I spent the weekend at his sister house and he didn't even come to visit
  • How lovey dovey are you?

    When you're interacting with your loved one And what do you wanna do most around him/her?