Born on a Rotten Day -- Cancer

"WELCOME! I assume you're here because you want to find out, why???? The ans
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32 years old female from Dallas, Texas
"My name is Candace and I'm a wife and a mother of 3 cats lol. I love to eat,
LOL, wow, the part about working up the energy to set up a meal for a guy and then when he gets there I'm just not that into it anymore...that's me! I've done that my whole life with everyone, at the time things sound like a good idea and then when it comes time for it I would rather stay home by myself. Also, the part about the guilt trip on the phone and then hanging up and going on my merry way, I do that to my husband quite frequently...poor guy! LOL
46 years old male from Florida, USA...duh.
"I'm a 38yr male. Yeah, I'm a cancer/dog(chinese)."
Thanks, I have to get me a copy.
female from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
I have a SAg Moon too...and boy do I LOVEEEE traveling!!!!

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(Except 2 of you) Im just passing along useful information. Bye.