i know this topic has probably been repeated a thousand times.... but i already know what they dont like in a girl.... b
Sun in Taurus Moon in Sagittarius Ascendant in Taurus Venus in the Second Hous are an impressive guy...for sure! if all were just like you.....
female from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Very interesting, and I agree.
He loves:
femininity..he loves contemplating how my feet and hand nail polish match. He likes my little pearl earrings and that I always have perfume.
He loves the fact I know how to cook old- style food..grandmother stews and stuff like that. And that I can bake too.
He loves to know Im ironing or cleaning.
He loves dresses and my hair in a bun.
he loves me wearing glasses.
he loves the fact I can lift so much weight at the gym and I still look girlie.
he loves my affection for him , my complimenting, my constant support and my pet calling..
He loves to be mothered , when he whines about a pain he has, or something that happened, and Im there for him.
He loves the fact Im strong and dont depend on him but still play damsel iin distress to make him feel useful
female from united states
"I'm the girl who knows what she wants in life, works hard & gets it. Visions h! very informative indeed =)
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