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I'm new here. Hi everyone. Does anyone know anything about a person who is born on the cusp of Cancer & Leo. I've met a man I'm very intrigued by and he was born on July 21st. I'm trying to get a little insight, through astrology, into what makes him tick. Looking forward to any response from someone who may know something about people or a person born under these two signs. Thanks
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I am Aquarius. I am the Chinese Horse. I am a lady of contradictions,,160711_162663,00.html

Go to the above acecrave and it will tell you all you need to know:-)

And welcome.....welcome to duncanville:-)

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Welcome acecrave!


I have to tell mother was born on this day and if the way she acts is any indication of what's to come with him...prepare yourself for a wild ride!

Now her being female might make a difference, but these two signs are a union of extremes...You have the sun and the moon. Could it be more opposite? Expect pride and low self-esteem in the same person. Expect him to do things for you but watch out for the reasons WHY he may have done it. Expect crazy mood swings but also FIERCE loyalty and love. Oh yeah...these people are SUPER know it alls...Cancers and Leo's are both people who like to be right so if in a trivial argument with this person...sometimes it's better to say whatever, you are right. Very high-strung but loveable at the same time!

Cancerlady you are soooo right! I have a friend on that cusp too and you simply described him exactly!
Man he's super hot! sorry I know that's irrelevant
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I am a 31 year old female born on July 21st. I dont know what men are like and reading the other posts im not too happy with the stereotype that is being spread about this cusp. Maybe its where im deeply into self growth but i dont see being moody all the time and emotionally messed up. a man is going to be different than a female, probably likes the attention getting aspect of the leo, and has a sweet and caring side which comes from cancer. You are definetely either sign, getting someone who is very promising in the bedroom. Just my two cents worth!
I am a 45 year old female born July 23rd (the cusp in anyone's astrological "book"). I am single/never married. I have often noticed by the responses I seem to elicit from other people that they definitely don't understand me. But, the reality is that I am exactly what I appear to be. I'm very domestic (cooking, sewing, love children, etc.--Cancer traits), and I have always excelled in Math (was tops in my classes when I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering--Leo traits). A strong association with food is typical of those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp...I am an amateur gourmet with a very keen sense of taste (been known to send a message to a chef in a restaurant telling him/her what herb/spice a dish needs more/less of), and I am now considering becoming a kitchen designer (a way to incorporate my strong organizational skills with food). Unlike true Leos, I don't have a need to be in the spotlight or be the leader, but I do want to be respected and appreciated for my intelligence and for my contributions to team projects. I DO have an unbelievable memory (remember some conversations word for word from years ago). That memory is another reason that I have such diverse talents because it gives me the ability to learn just about anything. From what I read, Cancer/Leos can be moody OR they can have the Sun/Moon traits well-integrated and be very even-tempered. I am the latter...a happy, peace-loving, fair-minded, genuinely warm-hearted individual who is extremely loyal to friends and family (and would also be to a mate). I am not as gregarious as a typical Leo (but I do laugh a lot and communicate well like a Leo), and I am extremely sensitive to criticism (like a Cancer). I am generally opinionated, but I ALWAYS try to compromise (better to be happy than to be right). I RARELY lose my takes A LOT to push me to that point. Love, romance, passion, affection, and sex are VERY important to my potential relationship (Leo traits), and I CANNOT be with anyone who isn't at the top of his game in those areas. Honesty, integrity, and strength of character are other traits I possess, and I REQUIRE those in a potential mate, as well. The good news...I recently met someone through eHarmony, have been communicating for a while, and just found out that he is a Gemini (could have figured that out even if I hadn't learned his birthday). Although I have never given astrology much thought, there are too many things that are dead-on to ignore. So, I'm believing that a Leo Woman and Gemini Man can be a great combination intellectually and have fireworks in the bedroom...woo hoo!) I'm trying not to be possessive and to give him his freedom, and he seems to be VERY considerate of my feelings. He sure is a lucky guy to have found me (Leo pride :-)
I am a July 21'er! I am learning more about the cusp and recently got into getting my chart read. The duality makes more sense than any of the things I had read previously about just Cancer.
As far as relationships, my biggest obstacle is getting people to truly understand what I mean. I sometimes feel like I must be speaking another language. Things that seem so clear to me, seem to be rocket science to others. I don't think I'm moody, I just think some days I need a break. Hopes this help in your relationship!
30 years old female from Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
"Hi! my name is Elizabeth, but you may call me Liz :) I am a Cancer/Leo and
Hi, i'm a cancer/leo and i have alot of information in my profile that can might answer alot of your questions. it even has tips for raising children born under my signs. yeah i know im only 18 but i DO know what i lacked as a child and i'm always thinking about what could have been and what should have been!

for those of you who are wondering "what is a cancer/leo's match?" i got your answer right here! a capricorn/aquarius and an aquarius/pisces.

i study astrology most of the time.. like most cancers i stay home and this is my main hobby -studying astrology- i have actually thought about being an astrologist.

if you have any questions about this sign/cusp please please PLEASE ASK ME!! i'm so very eager to try my skills in astrology! you may e-mail with your questoins at

now.. for those of you who want to know how to win the heart of a cancer/leo.. here are some very good tips!

We seek security, sensitivity,pleasure,somebody who can accept us with out being critical, some body who LOVES to cuddle and can spend a whole night on the couch infront of the TV screen.

Buy us gifts like movies, beauty products (that only applies to some of us), bath products, blankets, pillows, and if we have pets or kids buy something thoughtful for them as well. if your going to buy us flowers buy something to go along with them because we like keepsakes and it's depressing to watch the flowers die. chocolates are nice but like i said we like keepsakes so buy us something to go along with the chocolates or we will probably end up keeping the box! remember that we love pleasurable and thoughtful gifts.

where to go for a date? dont be surprised if he/she wants to stay home and just cuddle, dont take her out to a dance club, some of us are not the type to go to such big social events like that. the movie theater or a play is a very good place to go. Going to the zoo is my ideal/dream date and im sure other cancer/leo's would love the zoo also. sight seeing is always fun, especially if it calls for bringing our cameras! now thers another thoughtful gift! a good camera! even picture albums and scrapbooks especially!

dont forget that we are shy and wont show our feelings until we feel that we can trust you. it may take a while for a cancer/leo to give you their heart completly so please be patient! if we keep turning you down or act unemotional torwards you at first its not because we're not interested, its simply because we are very cautious and want to make sure we find the right one. if we keep asking to see you or talk to you alot take this as a hint that we want to be with you! but if we keep coming up with excuses that we cant see you (most used excuse " "im sick" or "i have to stay home and take care of some things") then take that as a polite hint that we would rather just be friends.

if you cant handle moodyness then you cant handle a cancer/leo bc we are like roller coasters, BUT on the upside of us we are very happy and energetic when we feel needed or know that we are showing you a good time and especially if we feel secure and truly loved by you! we are always up for having a good time!

if you can make alot of good memories with a cancer leo he/she won't soon forget you!

HELLO I"m a July 21 baby!!!!!!! excuse all of that, I"m just excited to have found this place. I am most so leo and cancer, I laughed so hard at a comment someone made above about us cancer leo cusps being have alot of pride and low selfesteem at the same time, so true. I can see how I'm bossy and passive, very family orentated, I want at least 6 kids! oh and I"m in love with a sag! he was born dec. 1, I look up horoscopes alot and it says we wount make it,but then I started looking at leo and sag, and it's like yea we will. The only thing I cant stand about being on a cusp it's like people talk about it,...but daily horoscopes still only come in 12 signs.
well i am kind of dating a cancer-leo, and she is fabulous to say the least, becuase we both have financial difficulty our relationship went from passionate to an argument in a short period of time, she was so scared she decided to go out with her cousin on a girls night out to watch a movie, but called me afterward, when i knew i could not bring her the gift i bought her, i was kind of sad, but in the end 2 days later after playing phone tag with her, she said it was ok to come over, and i watched her opne her gifts, the rsult was amazing, we were passioante but styed away from sex, and just cuddled for the night, i think part of her wants a courtship and the other part of her wants adventure, but usually the guys that promise her adventure dont live up to it, and she is disappointed, like the last few nights, an old frind of hers obviously wanted to get with her, but he screwed up and she was mad at him, she got a headache and answered my call, after me doing overtime, but then as we talked she said she was extremely tired and i respected her need for sleep but she was happy i called and did answer the phone immediately, i know she has a really freaky side, with toys and porno, and i welcome it, but because of our past difficulties, i opted to take things slower and add adventure in other ways, but have yet to do those things with her, i know she wants sex wiht me again, but she keeps on stopping us, maybe to build the passion up to unbearable levels, i know i touch her heart in many ways, and she expressed in her body language that she let me back in her heart, like when we cuddled a couple nights ago, she moved closer to me instead of complaining or moving away, and she took my hand from over her hands on her chest and moved it beneath hers to touch her chest, that was wonderful, to me it was a step forward, and even though she wanted to kiss me one last time before i left, she knew i had to work the next day so we both agreed that it could lead to sex and stopped for another day, she then proceeded to air out her frustrations with her favorite toy and a video, i called and she was happy i called to let her know i was home safe, but i could hear the video in the background and she sounded kind of embarrased and giggled when we spoke, so today i called her and explained i was busy getting ready to move, after last nights distant and short conversation, and left a message that i wanted to know how she was doing today, and if she was busy or not, i told her i wanted to do some things with her out of the house maybe or at least make time to speak with her to see what she was interested in doing today, can you give me any pointers on how better to read her, and what she may expect depending on her mood, what to do if she says no, when she actually means yes, or other things to do that dont cost a whole lot, but enable her to spend money with me, and have fun too, you know bring excitement without always having sex, she wanted us to last, and i think she still does, i know she has me in her heart, and cant let go, but i want to make sure that we take the time to make it last and i want to keep her on her toes, would she appreciate a surprise visit? or should i always call? stuff like that, any advice is appreciated, i know there are other guys she flirts with or may have had flings with, but i dont let it bother me too much, and i am growing in confidence each time we meet, especially since we got past the arguments we had, i am attempting to show her some things, like that i can listen to her needs, i bought her gifts, i surprise her all the time, whether good or bad, we are good in bed together, i gave her money for the first time this week and she really appreciated it, becuase it was my last, all my gifts touch her heart, i like to stay home sometimes and go out other times too, but we have not gone out much, i get the feeling that every time she goes out with another guy she ends up disappointed with them, becuase they dont

*This might be an old topic cause I was googling *
Message posted by: xXCancer_LeoXx on 2/7/2006 8:31:49 AM

^she hit the nail on the describes me very well but....i am a male and personally...

i feel i need to spend money to feel quite materialistic. i love sex.
im very proud and at times i feel emotional for no reason. at times i also feel like no one understands me. but in the end i am for the most part, very happy, energetic and constantly on the go . did i mention i love sex, and tons of it? i feel it is one thing that keeps me going. i also love porsches, and novelty items. i also have many hobbies and cant seem to stay focused on a lot, but maybe thats a different story.

personally, im very attracted to capricorns/aquarius/pisces. my first girlfriend when i was 18 was a capricorn...and i was in love with her mainly because of how she maintained herself physically, emotionally, and was a very strong individual. alas, it did not work out cause i eventually ended up ditching her all the time for my friends. she was also too conservative for me now that i look back. another girl that i dated was a capricorn/sagittarius. one thing that really enticed me was the fact that she was very sexual and always initiated the sex! one turn off about her was that she was very undecisive as she was "having issues" with her ex-boyfriend.

now i date a full blown pisces and im kind of bored to say the least. she is very sexual and that keeps me going. hah!i also dislike the fact that she doesnt like to try new things...certain sushi for example!

i've also dated a virgo...and boy was she controlling, and needed to know where i was 100% of the time...blah!

i also think im am very extreme on both sides of the spectrum as far as personality is concerned. i can go out to clubs for days at a time, and i could also just stay home for many days at a time. i also just like to have my own privacy and do nothing and not be bothered too.

if you want to talk via email feel free to do so
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