Cancer Woman - Pisces Man

Has anyone had a good experience with Pisces men? I'm trying to figure out whether to move forward (or sideways as we Cancers do!) or forget this man. I love him, but he never tells me how he feels.
Hi Crazy Luna!

I must confess...I responded because I love the name you chose!

I have no personal experience with a Pisces male...but, my Dad is one and he has been married to my Mom for years...

She is Libra and rules the house, though in a manner that does not make her appear dominant...(he hates dominant women!)

He is very reserved about his feelings and jokes easily...
But, is really a very sweet guy...we just don't tell him we can see it!
He responds best when I approach serious subjects in a lighthearted non-serious manner...

He is deep, but doesn't want to reveal himself to everyone...

I would think in a personal relationship, it can be quite a challenge!

Good Luck to You!
P.S. He may not tell you how he feels unless something happens that forces the issue...

My Mom met her current Pisces husband while married to a real father...
When it came down to the wire...the Pisces man came through and saved the day!

This was many moons ago...

But, I have always admired my Pisces Dad! He took on a ready-made family and did it with a firm, loving hand...

Best to you!
YES!Pisces men are very secretive. How do I know you ask, because until yesterday I was living with one. Instead of telling me what was wrong with him, He simply ignored me (for days)and as a cancer woman (very affectionate, and likes to talk) this drove me crazy! So for now, it's over. But Pisces are sweet people, and like cancer, they are very sensitive and it's very easy to hurt their feelings, and most of the time you find yourself holding back your true feelings, just to protect theirs. To sum this all up, they are a piece of work!
YES! Pisces men are very secretive. How do I know you ask, because until yesterday I was living with one. Instead of telling me what was wrong with him, He simply ignored me (for days)and as a cancer woman (very affectionate, and likes to talk) this drove me crazy! So for now, it's over. But Pisces are sweet people, and like cancer, they are very sensitive and it's very easy to hurt their feelings, and most of the time you find yourself holding back your true feelings, just to protect theirs. To sum this all up, they are a piece of work!
hiya! last yr i broke up with a pices man. he never told me how he felt until after we broke up! but the thing is their so emotional! i no i am myself but it takes alot for them to tell you how they feel. sorry if i have been no help!

Pisces is almost as private as Scorpio. You need to sit down and have a serious talk. Be patient, but firm. Let him know you can't have a relationship with a man who can't or won't share his feelings with you.
My best friend is a Cancer who is engaged to marry a Pisces. They love each other and they're happiest when they're together. I have no doubt their marriage will be successful.
I am involve with a pisces man and he is very secretive. We've only been dating for about 9 months now and I gave up on trying to figure him out. I'm too old to be playing games and so is he. As a cancer woman I use my strong intuitions. I can feel it when something is bothering him. I know he loves me. He also know that I love him. If you two are intimate you can really tell than because he puts his all into making love. Pisces are very pasionate. Well at at least mine is. You have to start off as friends with a pisces. Friendship is very important to them. Being with a Pisces man has been one of the best relationships ever. We truly connect. He is the best guy friend I have ever had. Cancer & Pisces a truly wonderful match.
I'm dating a pisces man and I just gave up on trying to figure him out. I think he has issues. What I don't know. He keeps everything a secret. I know when we are together we have a wonderful time. He likes to enjoy the moment. If I see that something is wrong with him I just hug him and give him a big fat kiss cause I know he not going to tell me if I ask. Usually he just comes right out and tell me. If you really like him just be patient. He'll come around.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

After reading these comments, I am grateful that I am not alone. My ex-girlfriend is a crab, and I am a fish.

Here is our story:

January 2005: Crabina and Fishy start talking (Columbia, SC).

May 2005: We officially start dating (Columbia, SC)

September 2005: Her father makes it clear that he does not like my
religion (I am Catholic, they are Protestant) and this makes things
awkward for me since I have intentions to marry this girl later on.

January 2006: I am forced to move (New Orleans, LA), and we stay in
touch over the months (several visits and lots of phone calls)

August 2006- May 2007: She moves down to New Orleans to attend graduate
school, and we can continue to be together, while loving and supporting each other. She goes home for holidays and visits like that.

May-August 2007 (summer break 1): She goes back to Columbia to stay with
her parents; maintain daily calls on the phone, visit when I can, etc??_

August 2007 (fall): She returns to grad school in New Orleans so that
we can be together again.

December 2007: I discover that her parents are suffering from Empty
Nest Syndrome, which is a psychological condition where parents try to
control the lives of their ???children?? even though they are grown adults
capable of making decisions on their own. I tell her about ENS, and she
becomes very angry and defensive. I tell her that I love her very much,
but I cannot deal with this controlling behavior from her parents. I
wish that they would lighten up, and let us lead our lives as a couple.
We were not living together or anything like that, nor did we ever live
together. I just don??t like the fact that her parents have to talk to
her every single day, and also have a major influence on even the
smallest decisions that she makes.

May-August 2008 (summer break 2): She goes back to Columbia. We have some fights on the phone. My friend (a Scorpio male) was suffering from alcoholism and separation anxiety disorder, and I spent time with him trying to help him defeat his demons by going hunting and fishing, and I attend his AA meetings
with him as his friend. I do this because his wife ditched him, and he
didn??t have anyone else to help him. Girlfriend gets jealous of my friendship because I have less time to talk on the phone, and she starts secretly dating another guy.

August 2008: Crabby returns to my arms in New Orleans, and tells me that
she was not proud of her decisio
August 2008: Crabby returns to my arms in New Orleans, and tells me that
she was not proud of her decision to end our relationship. Further, she
feels as though it was wrong and a mistake to end our loving relationship. She comes back to me, and we are together again mentally and emotionally. There is a very strong mental-emotional bond between us again, and she tells me that
rebound boy is a thing of her past. She is even lying to her parents
about the survival of our special relationship as they are convinced she is
single again, even though she is with me in a very intimate and loving
way. Yes, I still loved my crabby then, and I love her even now as I write this to you.

November 2008: Crabby and I have a fight about where to spend
Thanksgiving (her parents house or mine), and it just gets worse to
December. Angry feelings persist through the holiday break from both
her and me, even though I make an effort to try to get things right

December 2008: Crabby has returned to New Orleans for final exams, and we
are together again, but on rocky circumstances. Crabby finishes exams,
returns to Columbia and secretly resumes relationship with summer rebound boy. I make an effort to visit her and her parents in Columbia, but her father
is against this idea. She later confesses to me that rebound boy has
resurfaced in her home in Columbia for visits, and they are in fact
kissing and spending time together. I am devastated because I thought
we were working through our problems.

January-May 2009: Very little contact between us. Occasional talks and
emails, but nothing serious. This is due to her basically cutting me out of her life.

May 2009: She graduates with her degree, and secretly gets engaged to
rebound boy.

Now, all of that said, I am devastated right now.

Completely and totally devastated.

Even if we were having fights on the phone, was there ever a need to destroy the
relationship completely? She tells me that she has ???moved on?? and has
cut all communication with me entirely, but what I cannot figure out is
why a human being would return to me for a very intimate relationship
only to get engaged to a rebound boy several months later?

I have zero interest in jumping into a relationship with a new woman
right now because I miss my crabby so much, but I cannot figure out why she
would dive into a rebound engagement in less than 12 months after ending
a 4 year relationship.

PS??_ Rebound boy is very
PS??_ Rebound boy is very much like me. Looks like me, has my same
name and even is Catholic (only he is renouncing his religion to be with
her). He is also former military just like me. In fact, I call him
???Bizarro?? simply because of the strong and bizarre similarities.

Is my ex-girlfriend??s behavior psychologically unhealthy, or is this
normal behavior?

I still love her, and I believe she may still have feelings for me but
chooses to block them out and seek rebound boy simply because he lives
in Columbia and has the approval of her father.

I wish that I had asked her to marry me first, but I heard that you can
never marry a woman if her father doesn??t like you.

What??s the deal?

Thanks for your time and support.
female from ??
Sun: Cancer Rising: Virgo Moon: Pisces Mercury: Cancer Venus: Cancer
Aww Mr. Fishy...

It wasn't until I read your post that I fully realized/understood how my kitty pisces--I mean my pisces boyfriend felt... He's alot like you, and I have a feeling that the cancer girl may have gotten frustrated that you didn't 'open up to her'--or at least opened up to you in a way she understood.

Basically in a Cancer's P.O.V., 'opening up' = telling EVERYTHING about yourself. Basically we need to know everything; we're nosy, stalkerish, ________ (insert other fitting adjectives here) to people we really like.

She'll crawl back to you if this rebound boy doesn't offer her the emotional support/understanding like you did. Watch. I've done it before, so I know.

All of my pisces boyfriends have been kind of secretive...but not really. When it came to getting to know him, I really had to 'dig things out' of him. It gets exhausting after a while.

But I still love them. They're s0o gentle, and they ACTUALLY HAVE FEELINGS (mah gawd!).

I haven't dated a scorpio yet, but I can reassure to any cancer female that pisces men = thumbs up. They're the best, I wuv them
Yuk. I dated one and he nearly drowned me in his tears. No backbone. I don't know if all Pisces men are like this ... he had extra emotions and clearly didn't hold back. He asked me to marry him before we really even knew each other. I couldn't breathe. I'm so happy we broke up! I give this a thumbs down. We were great as friends, but he was so clingy and super sensitive in our relationship.
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