Cancer men and Cancer woman relationships

Why do people say Cancer and Cancer relationships doesn't match? I really disagree on that. My Cancer man is perfect to
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Why do people say Cancer and Cancer relationships doesn't match? I really disagree on that. My Cancer man is perfect to me, we relate to one another ALOT and we both love space, so we give it 2 each other. When we come back together it's like the first time we met. We talk very deeply on politics and religion AND THE SEX IS GREAT I MIGHT ADD i just don't get why were not compatible. When he is moody, I just ignore him he comes around later. Sometimes I feel like he's not listening to me and sometimes he's not, but it doesn't bother me we talk about what's on my mind later. Were just laid back creatures who love to be alone most of the time. if we decide we want to have someone to chill with we call the one we love the most.
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Cancershorti27, i do not know what to say, it just doesn't sound right to me, for 2 people to want space from each other if their relationship is based on love!!!!me and my cancer we cannot wait to finish work to come home and be with each other, and that is every day, and it is never enough!!!i am not saying that everybody should be like that, but what issues are there to think about....and they cannot be discussed/dealt with together!!!i wish you happyness all the way!
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Everyday!! Nah, can't do that. I'm not the type of girl that likes 2 be up under her man 24/7, nor is he. we love our space. Being together like that all the time can't do it, not just him, any man and he understands that, thats we we click. Were so devoted 2 each other and were not jealous, just possesive I don't mind him looking @ woman just not when were together he knows that out of respect unless I point out the female I'm not in love with him, but i truly do love him it's a fact. It's been a year now and our relationship been real good. No compliants @ all. Our plan is to be with each other forever, and we have made plans 4 that. I just know how to deal with my cancer man. I really don't go by signs anyhow I just wanted to know why is it not possible 4 Cancers to get along. Were the same.
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I guess if I were a Cancer I would have the same question... because you would think that one Cancer should understand the other and each would be sensitive with each other's emotions. Cancers are so complex that one would assume that only another Cancer would be compatible with the other. But I guess it has more to do with just people's signs.

Space is good... and it's good that you both understand that you need it. Sometimes people have problems in their relationships because they don't understand when the other person just needs their own time. So it's healthy that you both have such an understanding of each other's needs.

I would say that you are very blessed to be with someone that is able to give you a balanced relationship. Unfortunately, regardless of one's sign, some people just can't make a relationship work.

Good for you! Wish you all the best!
My cousin is a Cancer and his wife of 25 years is a Cancer and this COMBO can work out beautifully. He loves her and he adores her very much!
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Krobe Thanx 4 that, See guys we do work
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Yes GreatBull I have definetly thought about that. The moving in process and I am definetly prepared for it.To be honest I feel we can get along, yes relationships have there ups and downs, but thats what makes it stronger. If we both what the same things in life then I feel we both can compromise and make sacrifices to keep our relationship. I am willing to adapt with him, I have already adapted a little for and he's not had to get along with. I don't complain I live life as it is and we both love God equally why wouldn't it work? I'm ready to take that risk and dive head in with him.
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Thanx GreatBull
I am a Cancer female and I am SOO in love with a Cancer male. I have no experience ... I've never dated a Cancer before. I don't even have any Cancer male friends. I have always seemed to end up with Scorpios (which a Fab).

It's the way we communicate, Cancer/Cancer. Our own unspoken language. I truly feel like this guy is who I'm supposed to be with. It's magic when we're together. We APPRECIATE each other. There is a natural sense of belonging to one another. He is moody and sensitive, just like me. I understand him. I accept him. No questions asked. From the very first day, I felt very strong loyalty to each other.
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Hisblueeyes, that's exactly I feel with my Cancer man, He tells me everyday we were suspose to be together. I have also always dated Scorpios. I dated my last Scorpio man after he beat on me. All is well now and lovvvvvvvve my Cancer Man
I don't know too much about astrology, but with me and my Cancer, we both have Venus in Gemini. I have Mars in Gemini, too. Maybe it helps. I love to listen to him talk. He is so witty, I melt.
I used to think Cancer/Cancer would be like looking in a mirror, but it is truly an experience. I have never felt more cherished and adored than with THE Cancer male. We knew each other in and out in a matter of weeks and we could not get enough of each other. He knew exactly what to say and what to do-unspoken communication. His boyish charm would make me weak in the knees. He understood my moods, my need for space and hiding, my smothering techniques ... he knew all my tricks and the best ever: he made me laugh until I peed in my pants. Same sense or humor and same thought process. We saw the world through emotion. It was an amazing connection. I never had someone pamper and care for me the way I do. He is hella cool!

We were traveling in opposite directions, so I chose a Scorpio. Cancer ignored me for a year.
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I been in this relationship and i like it alot and i mean ALOT!!! Taurus are my favorite but i like people that are emotional people that take things serious and this was on of my best relationships..on top f that we both are silly and laugh all the time...good times.
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women on a whole like big dicks. i love big asses and titties, meh!
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"Hi im Georgio, Im a Cancer, not the disease lol. Im back because I love this p
Yeah i love Cancer Women. I knew one that i was good friends with that used to go to my college, & we go along real well. She was very pretty & sweet too. I hate she had to move away to go to another college. But i recently saw her & she still looks & acts nice. I hope i get to date a Cancer woman one day. That would be awesome

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