Do Cancer Men Make The First Move?

I'm a cancer female and i like a cancer guy. I've read that cancer men rarely ever make the first move is this true? This is quite frustrating because he gave me all the signs and now im waiting for him to reach out to me and hasn't so either hes to shy or just isn't as interested as I thought.. what do you guys think?
35 years old male from Canada
I don't want to regret making the move, which I always do, so maybe eventually.
26 years old from United States!
"I am a very open minded and free spirited type of person. I love music and Ast
Oh no we don't like making first moves. If we are 150% sure then we just might. We love to have the moves put on us though. We like it when others are open and flirty too. Unless you want to just basically put it out there open and obvious, he might not make the first move. Seems like he likes you so go ahead.
26 years old from United States!
"I am a very open minded and free spirited type of person. I love music and Ast
And you're Cancer too. Cancer women make me soo shy. I find you ladies so attractive that i can't breath lol idk if this is a Cancer-Cancer thing or what. Hope this helps.
upfront.....subtle....sporadic.....creative....psychic....u name it i got it! :
yes darling but only if we are sure that you are receptive to it....

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