Do cancer men play mind games?

from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
UMM, Well thanks for the bitter-vent,

I really don't like it when people generalize whole signs off the actions of one. Yes, Cancers do tend to cling to the past, but that is because it is what makes us comfortable. Do you think it is fun having your moods switch and have NO idea why? Do you think it is fun remembering all of your past hurts and feeling them as if they happened yesterday? Remember we are the most "FEELING" of all signs, and I must say from personal experience that the pain or joy for that matter I feel is sometimes overwhelming.

Then again, it could be personal problems with your father. All signs are guilty of playing mind games, and I know QUITE a few Pisces who CREATE drama when there is none. Just try not to be so general in your accusations and judgements.
And you people really cant get over from problems. Even if years passes, you still remember old problems and irritate with them. Damn you people. Get over with that. You irritate everyone around you.
Hello Cancer people.

I know so far that cancer and pisces people minds working on similar wavelenght, so we may understand each others motives easier than other signs.

This cancer man is my father. He is 54. He have alot of problems with people as well as with familiy members. I suspect him playing mind games. He makes crap with enviroument (emotional enviroument) when he gets upset. He acts emotionally impulsive with irrelevant questions which irritates me alot. There is no point for this questions. That why I think he play mind games.

There was times when we didnt speaked for 6 month any word. 6 month! When forgive and let him come back, he makes crap again (seems like intentionally) and I shot him again away.

What do you think?

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