Ignored vs rejected

So crabs, what is the difference between feeling ignored and feeling rejected? Give me some true situations for both cas
So crabs, what is the difference between feeling ignored and feeling rejected? Give me some true situations for both cases, please.
Weird i was just thinking about this...

I thought my Pisces was flirting with girls and ignoring me to play mind games. I didn't feel rejected, just pissed because I wanted the attention he was giving others. That was my first thought, but after reflection I realized that he was just being elusive (as usual) and picking up on my annoyance and the fact I was about to through a major Aries Moon temper tantrum. So he iced me out. Good call on his part really...

Rejection is when I left a phone message for my ex-Scorpio after not talking to him for 3 months. Things ended with a misunderstanding and I wanted to clear the air and gain some closure. He texted me back telling me to stop harassing him or he'd call the police. Ouch!!!
i think ignored is more temporary whereas rejected is more permanent but I guess it could also be interchangeable. For example, if the object of your affection doesn't call you back within a resonable timeframe (to me 30 minutes lol) then I feel ignored. If he doesn't return your call at all then I feel rejected. Unfortunately, recent experience .

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