Is your cancer a workaholic?

My workaholic cancer boyfriend just left for work..... again!!! The man doesnt know how to work one job like normal peop

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@ Claro,

That's impressive. If we all could be more disciplined in that regard we'd probably have improved soil and environmental conditions.
Posted by coldwater
Thanks. Im sitting here surfing the net. I asked him for some sweats, teeshirt, and socks to wear while he is gone. I even lifted some of his cologne. Not only do I look like a man now, I smell like one too. All this freedom of movement and room....could get used to this. Hes back at work, but I'm ok.
LOL... I think Mr. Cancer has met his match with you.
Posted by Claro de Luna
I haven't used shampoo on mine for 6 months.

Claro de Cutie, how do you manage that?
I shampoo my hair every single day and depending on how intense my exercise workout is, sometimes twice.
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Thanks. Im sitting here surfing the net. I asked him for some sweats, teeshirt, and socks to wear while he is gone. I even lifted some of his cologne. Not only do I look like a man now, I smell like one too. All this freedom of movement and room....could get used to this. Hes back at work, but I'm ok.

You're a character. Thank you for the entertaining read.
By the way, a man always appreciates coiffed hair.

female from July 11
That explains a lot. I am obsessed with my hair. And other peoples too.
It's thick, long and hard to tame too.
You should see all the products I have bought over the years.
I've even created and now sell my own haircare products. LOL
female from July 11
^^^I understand hair drama!
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I think its a great idea. Ill start with a nice one day excursion. He wants to get his christmas shopping done so nothing too over the top. Id just be content with a quiet day together. When i plan this he will need to tell his job hes doing somethings on his days off. I know it sounds ridiculous but for now its the way towards compromise.
female from July 11
What do you think of my idea about taking a short vacation? Even if it's at a B&B downstate.
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Gonna ride with him to work....ill be back.
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I was reading the posts for him starting from the beginning. When i got to the one the referenced my hair is where I lost him. I had to stop reading at that point because all he could focus on was my reference to my hair.

My mercury is in capricorn
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Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
Sun Aquarius 13.22 Ascendant Virgo 26.46
Moon Pisces 15.17 II Libra 22.37
Mercury Capricorn 23.22 R III Scorpio 22.51
Venus Capricorn 9.35 IV Sagittarius 26.16
Mars Gemini 15.45 V Capricorn 29.49
Jupiter Aries 19.28 VI Pisces 0.23
Saturn Cancer 28.24 R VII Pisces 26.46
Uranus Scorpio 7.06 VIII Aries 22.37
Neptune Sagittarius 13.30 IX Taurus 22.51
Pluto Libra 11.37 R Midheaven Gemini 26.16
Lilith Aries 10.25 XI

Heres mine
33 years old male
Pluto in Capricorn ?
Posted by coldwater
This iss soooo not about my hair.

I sooooo know that. Then why don't you tell me what was the significance of showing that thread to your bf and telling him it was about him?

Was it not to demonstrate the time and effort you put into looking nice for him? That is about you, is it not?

It is just different communication style s but please don't try to tell me I am missing the point, then fail to tell me what the point is..

may I ask what your mercury is?
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