***Male Cancer/Libra Woman***


I need help people. Would you all be so kind to give me your input on Male Cancer/Libra Women relationships. He male cancer's Moon sign is in Libra as well with a rising in Leo.
I'm unsure as to how both the Moon and Rising signs may pay as factors but I'd enjoy reading anyone's viewpoint and/or experiences on this matter.

Thank You in advance
28 years old male from NY, USA
Pleiadian Light Warrior
This seems to be a recurring topic lately. I'm also a cancer male with Libra moon and unfortunately I think cancer and Libra make very good friends instead of lovers. But I also just got out of a bad breakup with one so my opinion is probably bias.
female from The Moon
"Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Aries Rising"
I've never gotten along with Libras, I haven't met any Libra that I like yet.
female from The Moon
"Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Aries Rising"
Posted by xMoonMan
Posted by ChildOftheMoon
I've never gotten along with Libras, I haven't met any Libra that I like yet.

I notice your Aries ascendant is in opposition to your Pluto in Libra - 7th house.
7th house covers marriage, committed relationships, contractual partnerships, one-to-one relationships, business partnerships, law, justice, rivals & adversaries.
Libra is the natural ruler of house 7.

I think if you dig deeper there is a karmic connection here, something you need to understand if you don't want it to cause you continuous issues into the future.
There may be stuff "hidden" under the surface, you need to delve in, bring it to the surface and work on it. (if you want too, that is, choice is yours).

From what I've read the sign on the 7th house indicates the type of person (aspects) you're attracted to not necessarily the sign. My stepfather and mother are Libras and one of my exes was a libra, I find them to be too rigid and stubborn. I'm very flexible and have an openminded. It also said something about power struggles in relationships and how I have a hard time connecting to people which is true.
38 years old male from Buffalo, NY
Just forget about libras, seriously. Add aquas to that list ad well

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