how do cancer men show they r jealous? my cancer male would constantly ask if he was better than my ex, n wanted me to
how do cancer men show they r jealous?
my cancer male would constantly ask if he was better than my ex, n wanted me to compare everything. he would even compete against thinsg my ex had like syaing my bfs car sucked and his is better etc.
is it jsut for their ego, or is it cuase they are jealous?
btw, my cancer male, meaningg friend.
we become very possessive..if he is asking questions and competing against an ex it sounds more like insecurity instead of jealousy..
ooooooooohhhh lol
some cancer men are use to the way their moms praise them. They are usually the apple of their mother's eye. In a relationship, a Cancer male will look from praise from women, because that's one of the ways in which his mom showed love and approval.

They can also be possessive, but not exactly jealous. If they ever feel as though a woman is trying to make them jealous, they might leave the relationship altogether. Their egos can't handle that kind of competition. They just want to be #1 in your eyes.

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ummm wheeeeeellll dat selecta and come back. translation- come again? U said friend lil taurus ,u mean boy friend? Cause the onllllly way he would get like that and make comparisons is if u mentioned anything with regards to ur ex and if u still try to contact him. Secondly it is insecurity.Taurus women are verrrrry verrrry beautiful and have sometimes alot of male friends and if he cannot handle that he definietly is insecure. especially when he asking all that and doing things to please u . BY the by have u finally discontinued contact with the ex? and flush all feelings away?
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My Cancer was my friend while I was with my ex and he was trying to be more through the breakups and make ups, but I kept going back to the ex. I called myself being loyal and dedicate lol he just said he understands it as a woman thing and I would one day get smart and leave Old News (as he called my ex) alone. Since we've been together neither of us have mentioned the ex, but knowing him I think sometimes he's worried that I'm going to go back to the ex again...I think sometimes that's why he's so distant, not that I could even begin to blame him. I wouldn't call it jealousy, more insecurity, but maybe not in himself...maybe in you...and you're commitment to him..
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I dont think Cancers can help being jealous but you need to understand that its their insecurities that make them act this way. To me jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand, you have to somehow be insecure about something to get jealous over it! Any and everything can be seen as a threat to a Cancer. When i first met my cancer we were joking around and i told him about my vibrator..i teased him about it having a rotating head with different speeds. For weeks after he would question me about when last i used it and even said it didn't make sense me being with him if it was able to all that! I was like "wow, chill the hell out, it's a vibrator not Shamaar Moore" lol! But seriously i think he had a problem with it because he thought i got more pleasure from it than him, silly i know buts thats a direct example of dealing with a cancer's insecurities...i had to end up telling him i got rid of it for him to stop....secretly its tucked away in my bottom draw! lol
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Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Moon. Missed ya Hun!
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I'm with you all the way, that's my point exactly...hence the fact that any and everything can make a cancer insecure! Its just not possible to ease all of a cancer's insecurities because they have so many...did you notice i told my cancer i had got rid of it? that lie was for him...not for me! To be honest with you i thought the whole situation was plain ridiculous but at the same time i respected the fact that he felt strongly about it. I could also tell that it caused him to question himself and i didn't want that but it gets tiring constantly looking over shoulder wondering whether something minor you said or did has upset them. I just wonder where it he jealous of my thong because it gets to rub againt my kitty all day??? LOL! Ok..ok..i'm sorry...that was crude i know but i couldn't help it!

Oh and that little puppy dog sad face gets me everytime!
yeah, i bet it is insecurities.....weird thing is... he siad something that was relaly uncalled for.. ia sked: what do u like about me?
he said: y does it matter?
me: jus answr
him: there isnt much
me: so u jus wnat me around for sex?
him: wel thas all u wnat me around for so it shoudlnt matter
me: no its not im actually fond of u as a perosn, but after that comment im turnd off
him: okay then i wont talk to u no more bye
me: no goodbye
him: bye u killed the convo by being a typical girl. y did u have to ask such a dumb question anyway
me: what did i ask that was so dumb
him: dont tlak about it ne more

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED????????? am i missing sumthing?
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WOW! That sounds exactly like a conversation with my cancer. You're not missing came at him in a direct manner (typical taurus) and he responded in an indirect manner (typical cancer). That whole conversation reads "i like you, if you like me" and that's exactly what it is with Cancers. They fear rejection so need to hear you confess first, that way they can have the right comeback should your confessions hurt. The sad thing is even when you do confess your love for them they still find it hard to return the same. Think about it like going back to school and dealing with that shy boy in the back of the class who slid you notes asking you to be his girlfriend and then refused to play with you, hold your hand or even acknowledge you in front of his friends...thats Cancer! Why we love them so...i dont know! But we do...actually i'm on my way to give my cancer some love and affection right now, lets hope i get the same back! lol!

I really don't get into astrology, but I guess it must be the other things in the Cancer man's chart. I don't have trouble, (well if I see him) with him showing affection in public and letting everyone around know how affectionate with his mate. It's just if he gets boring, then he wants you to go for the struggle!
weird, i jus saw him today lol for like ahalf hour becuase apparently i stressed him out so he wwanted to leave. lol
i killed the mood a hundred times he said, everytime he was in the moment, i would say sumthign, and then he would get pissed cuz i killed the moood.

interestingly enuff tho, when i was kissing him, he was kissing me, and oddly enuff, he wasnt touching me in any sexual way, he was actually JUST kissing me, and looking into my eyes,and around my face, and i guess i felt this is weird, im starting to fall for him now, i also thought hes prolly gunna stop this becuase its becoming personal,so i broke into convo, n he got mad at me.
whenever i see him im always smiling, sumtimes he is, sumtimes hes not, but this time he was constantly smiling, even when he was upset he was still kinda smiling.

iano , is it just me or could this be good?
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I'm not blaming you but you quite possibly did stress him out. If you keep pushing him to express his feelings for you, he will want to leave. I know its relatively easy for us taureans to express our feelings because we are naturally communicative people. We like to discuss things and put them out in the open so that everyone knows where they stand, this gives us security. Cancer works differently...dont worry, its taken me 2 years to figure this out! They cannot be rushed into sharing their thoughts/feelings. You need to learn his moods because they play a significant part in learning how to deal with him. Try not to ask direct questions...he'll want out of the convo! Try to phrase things in a way that ask a question without asking a question, for e.g. i will ask my cancer "what would you do without me" in a joking way and he will respond "i dont know" (his way of saying he appreciates me without having to go too deep). Don't get me wrong there are times when my cancer is very expressive but it all depends on his a good mood my cancer will seduce me while throwing in some crazy jokes in between but in a bad/reflective mood he clams up and goes into his times like this leave him be! Stop searching for answers, enjoy what you have, try to detach slightly (us taurus can sometimes smother the ones we love and although cancers dont mind being smothered, they like it in spurts) and learn to read him as you go along...its not hard work to figure them out, just hard work to deal with them sometimes!

Speaking of bad/reflective moods...i didn't go to see my cancer tonight. He calls me after work but sounds real irritated(bad sign). He starts telling me what a stressful day he's had at work and sounds real down,we talk for a while but he makes no mention of me coming over, so i told him to go home, get some rest and i'll call him tomorrow. He says ok then and we end the convo. Now i'm not mad at him because i already knew when he called me that he was irritated and tired because he'd had a long day and just wanted to go home and retreat in his shell WITHOUT ME and didn't know how to tell me, so i took the situation out of his hands! I have learnt that it's not necessarily a bad thing...he needed space and i respect that (but the Taurus in me still wants to cuss his ass out a little! lol!)
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