Understanding a cancer man

hi, I am comitted with cancer man and I am unable to understand him. At times he is so warm that he makes me melt and at times he has this cold shoulder and a formal look. He tells me that he loves me very much that I am the only woman in his life and his heart is like a mirror for me, he means to say that if I look into it, I'll see myself... but he just gets invisible for long periods of time without any contact and when he contacts me again tells me that he is sincere with me. I (a pisces woman) am 100 % sincere with him and there is no point of his feeling insecure as I am comitted sincerely and he knows it. I feel that he understands me like no one else has ever before. But what is it that keeps him quite for such long periods... Is it his shell? he says he was busy, but if he really likes me he should get time out to contact me right? When I talk to him it feels as I am 'in' with him in his shell... Is he sincere to me ? Anyone who's had a relationship with Cancer men ...any clues?? btw how is Cancer male and pisces female match supposed to work?
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hello to the both of you although I am a scorpio woman I still knkw where you are coming fromand I wish you both the best in all you do but there is something is really going on with me and my cancer man.....We have been tlaking for about a year now and he is my world and I love everything about him but for the last 2 months I haven't been in much contact with him (and youknow how cancers get about quality time)because im getting ready for college to get everything on to a good satrt but hes been giving me the silent treament and I really don't know what to do. I have dedicated my life to only wanting to make him happy and I really don't know what I would do without him. he is my everything somebody reach out to me (much love asia)
Thanks a great deal for your responses, Sweet-P and Asiaona. Sweet-P from what I read over in the boards about cancer men, I am having an impression that they are pretty complicated... Aren't they strange creatures?... I mean how do they expect the other person to understand what bothered them if they don't communicate??? And I really don't like this "getting away quietly" part that they tend to play with people with whom they were really in-tune with, I think this is very bad ethically...There are some ethics of every relationship and someone who doesn't know them ought not to be loved by anyone...

One thing more the cancer guys on the board are constantly saying that they want emotional security, trust and sincere love of their partner...if they get this then are very loyal creatures...then how come so many posts abt their "strange" behavior despite having had all these from a partner...

And Sweet-P, I am sorry if I am being too personnal but this thing is really making me wonder that if cancer male and pisces female is truelly a cosmic connection then how come these 3 cancer males did not 'actually' fall for you... or do they actually loved you but are "strange creatures" not to know themselves how they feel ...

Are these cancer men actually loyal in marriage or they play games there too...confused...
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I am just wondering...do you really believe that we can truly truly "understand" another human? I am thinking that this can take a life time and we still will not understand a person. Reason, we are constantly growing and changing. Maybe we need to accept that we cannot understand and appreciate the differences in another person. Just my thoughts...

Thanks for your valuable opinions, freebird, cancerbuddy and SweetP, you surely cleared up many misconceptions that I had in my mind about cancer men. I agree with freebird that it takes lifetime to understand people. Everyone has his/her own way of dealing with dishonesty which I think depends upon his/her own level of honesty. We should try to understand how peolpe deal with it and look for their positive points rather than getting hooked up in the few negative ones.

I posted pretty strong words on cancer men, sorry for that. The reason was that I was unable to understand my cancer man fully... u might understand... this coupled with what I read from the posts.. misunderstanding grew n grew...btw my man hasn't still contacted me .

SweetP, from what you told about your third cancer man I think it's really nice of him to try reconcilliation with his ex. btw what's her zodiac sign (if you know)?
And I would like to add one more comment...
You people on this board are very nice and cooperative... I really like you people, may you all get happiness and all that you want in life.
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good luck trying to figure a cancer out ladies. im 31 and i still havent figured myself out.
cj7 ... what a comment . I guess it goes so with all 'thinking' humans.

Sweet-P, it's been real tough time that you had to go throught, I wish you get all the best in future and u r so sweet u deserve the best. May you the greatest and the loyalest cancer . (I hope you didn't take it negatively lolz).

I have a friend 27 feb (close to ur dob Sweet-P) and she's so very sensitive, and reading your post I was feeling how hard it would have been for you. But your out of it ...sweet 'n good and that's what matters!
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I/m sorry Sweet P abou what Cancer men have you put you through.I'm a Cancer woman and I don't know how men or people perceive us, but I always feel misunderstood.
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Hey yea cj7 is back, TW2 dances a little jig. Hope all is well with you cj. Good to see again!

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