What makes a cancer man happy...

What makes a cancer man excited in relationships? What types of things can be done to spice up, excite, and bring more h
33 years old female from New York City
What makes a cancer man excited in relationships? What types of things can be done to spice up, excite, and bring more happiness to a relationship. It's weird that I am actually asking this question, never really had this problem until now. Me being a cancer woman I have always known how to bring all the above the relationship. But my cancer man feels differently. Please help me out here.
33 years old female from New York City
Well me being a cancer woman, all of that comes so easy. There are times when I would send him e-cards or songs via e-mail just to show and tell him in another way that I love him and he doesn't acknowledge that. I tell him we should do more, but it's as if he would prefer to do other things to actually be with me. I have never had this problem before honestly, I am so use to a guy loving and admiring me in so many different ways. See what makes it so different is that he has always dealt with older women they have always been the type to pamper, take care of him and give him whatever he wants. I don't mind doing for him, however that should go both ways and unfortunately the relationship is one sided, as you can see I am the one trying to figure out what more I can do, just so he can be happy. As far as him, as long as you give him what he wants he's fine. I've been pulling back lately because I often feel he's not interested in me, because I hardly see him, he never wants to do anything with me, so I've been feeling discouraged and not wanting to do anything. So now all of a sudden out of the blue he mentions to me that it's not enough excitement and spice, and I should make him want to see me, and do whatever I have to do to take his attention away from other things. What do you guys think about that?
female from USA
with that last post I think he's being a funky ass Cancer lol. He might just be bored with you, he might need that fun and excitement he told you was missing....Maybe things have gotten too routine and you should try sharing a new endeavor. Ok after thinking about it I take back the funky ass comment...he told you want he wanted and you know Cancer men are some "me-me's" (self-ish) so you can decide if its worth it to give him what he's asking for or if you just want to drop him now.
33 years old female from New York City
Thanks for the advice; Well there is actually more to it than what I have explained here. Yes he was being extremely selfish, and always has been since day one and I have continued to break my neck to prove and do everything his way to make him happy. And he never cared how I felt about anything because he has been in his own world, and always has a way to make everything about him, he is extremely nonchalant, laughs and thinks everything is a joke. I have decided to leave the relationship for this reason and so many other reasons as well, I am not happy so it's time to go. Thanks for your input and advice it is greatly appreciated.
31 years old female
if you want to get a cancer mans attention in the bedroom all you have to do is wear a baby doll dress (optinal of course) and some "f" me shoes ok that might not be what all cancer men like but it works for me...lol
They're actually called come "F" me pumps. I think it's what most men like cansir....lol
They're actually called come "F" me pumps. I think it's what most men like cansir....lol
thanks libradiva..learn something new everday i wasn't to worried about the semantics but seems you got my point..lol
Cansir, I just love to use the phase whenever I can. thanks!
female from USA
Wow Gemini, very thorough list
Very true everything on the list. SF those things come natural to you, so have no worries.

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