Who is more mature :Leo or cancer ?

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35 years old female from bay area, ca
Posted by Cilogy
Sorry, but Cancers are much more mature.

Leos seem to be walking billboards, always wanting to make an impression and show off. I feel Leos can be very insecure.

Cancers are realists, yes they can attach sentimentality to lots of things, but many can actually handle it.

You hit the nail on the head right there. Cancers are realists for sure. We are much more rationalizing, intuitive, and aware of our surroundings.

Leos are good at taking the lead, and pushing ahead forward (which us Cancers tend to back away or take on things from the side)

This combo as a relationship actually has an advantage BECAUSE of the slight differences. Some may beg to differ, but a Cancer F and Leo M combo can be hot. (as long as both parties are mature - as youngsters I can see a lot of probs)
30 years old female from Sunny, California
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this question is too broad. really depends on the individual.

@Cilogy: Leo's aren't show offs, they just like performing for whoever, whenever, wherever. Doesn't mean they're immature!

and i love cancers so this is a tough one, cuz im a leo lol.
Sorry, but Cancers are much more mature.

Leos seem to be walking billboards, always wanting to make an impression and show off. I feel Leos can be very insecure.

Cancers are realists, yes they can attach sentimentality to lots of things, but many can actually handle it.
34 years old male from Melbourne, Australia
This one is easy: Both can be mature, or immature, but in different ways.
This also applies to the other signs.
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I say it depends on the person situations and how they responded to it.
I am Cancer-Leo Cusp and I think both can be equally mature. Immaturity in any sign can cause trouble for that person and the people around them. When I was younger, I found my Dad very immature. He was Cancer. I could read him pretty good but I didn't know or understand his emotions or his reasons for doing the things he did because he kept them hid. As I got older and started reading about Cancer, I realized he was more sensitive than I had ever thought. Leo tends to be very expressive and Cancer tends to hide things. So balancing these things in myself I realized that I have a lot of weaknesses but also a lot of strengths. Both signs want dominance. But more often than not, I just do what my mood tells me and deal with the consequences.
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Cancers with Leo moons ..........LOL Like me! j/k
Definitely leos.. however, they tend to be gullible, here cancers have an advantage: They can see things through.
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LEOOOO! Why Be different?
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Cancer. Just to be different.
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i might agree with Leo
35 years old male from Canada
Posted by lovelibra
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