Cancer need of advice!

By Sooner_or_LaterAugust 8, 2021 7:00pm — 5 replies
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Cancerians how do you stop feeling down?
my brother been feeling down lately it seems that hes faliing into depression i kind of know whats going on with him but not into much details and i dont like to push him to talk but i want to help him somehow hes stubborn i try to invite him to
What placement is stronger and how does this effect any future communication to people you've hurt?
cancer sun virgo moon gemini rising i always feel my moon and rising sign the most which are cancer moon amp libra moon the placements above are some one else and lets just say they did very bad things especially an ex what placement do you thin
Cancer Women - would you slowdance to this?
hi i am a taurus i believe cancer is my best match so would you slow dance to this if your guy put it on https www youtube com watch v ydd3qi23bx0
Dating Cancer Male... ugh
ive dated another cancer virgo moon male briefly in the past and he was amazing but i had to break it off now i am with cancer sun aquarius moon virgo rising gemini venus gemini mercury libra mars man and omg i am so tired of mind games
Wishing HBD to cancer man
will my cancer ex appreciate a happy birthday phone call and how would he see it we havent spoken for a couple of months and i want him back will wishing him that give him warm feeling towards me
Leo Man and Cancer Woman Confusion
i have a friend who is a leo man he is british and is a partner at his hedge fund he has been dating this beautiful cancer woman from detroit who is a little young than him hes 43 and shes 26 27 or so they are very cute together she lost her job a
Yoo! your rising sign is the new you!!
yooo soo i started noticing that your rising sign is the real you the new you your rising sign shows itself through you and after a certain point thats basically you becomes the dominant aspect in your chart its insane this would make sense
Cancer sun and gemini rising.
he says he would be into threesomes etc and even went into details about what he likes before realizing im not into them now he says he would be loyal to me and just me but now i feel i am stopping him from living his desires its conflicting im aqua s
Cancer Moon
i want to know from other fellow cancers precisely cancer moons how do you deal with breakups and stop obsessively think of your ex i wish i could just sever all the thoughts of my ex but everything i do every second of the day i think of them it
Cancer man and missing someone
how come a cancer man will miss somebody so much and still not want to do anything about it is it his ego and pride passive aggressiveness and will he ever give in and text that girl and ask for another chance