Cancer Moon

By misslibrascorpioJune 7, 2021 7:11pm — 18 replies
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Cancer man and missing someone
How come a cancer man will miss somebody so much and still not want to do anything about it. Is it his ego and pride, passive/aggressiveness? And will he ever give in and text that girl and ask for another chance?
We he ever feel remorse, wish me well and move on?
My Ex Narc. is a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini rising. He continues to hurt me with his words through emails and leaves me voicemails while he's drunk. Then he says he's just not over the relationship and he wasn't the one but he want's me to be happy.
Cancer Man Acting Cuddly in an F-Buddy Situation?
I met this Cancer sun, Cancer Mercury, Cancer Venus man on Tinder in December 2019 while in college and as the title implies, we’ve been fuck buddies since then. We were never really friends and the only times we would get together was to have sex. We hav
How does one woo a Cancer moon man?
I'm dealing with a libra sun, cancer moon, leo mars, virgo venus+mercury. I am Gemini sun+moon+mars with aries venus, taurus mercury I have no clue how to deal with him, but I am intrigued as to how his mind works. He is definitely sensitive, and mad re
Cancer man testing me
So there's this cancer man we had a one night stand 4 years ago but we been in the same social circle about 10years so we knew of each other. So after that situation he was cordial but didn't pursue me do we stopped talking but he still watches ba
Cancer man ghosted me:(
I will try to make this short. I had been dating a cancer man now for about 3 months. He lives out a ways and I have 50/50 custody of my son, so I would only see him every other weekend. He said how much he liked how we had a connection and laughed togeth
Cancer man and social media
What is the reason a cancer man will remove but not block his ex on social media even though the breakup was very calm on both ends and it was done one month after not right away and will there be a chance that he will realize he made a mistake breaking u
Would I get another chance with Cancer ex? Tips appreciated
Continued from the previous post where my Cancer girlfriend (now ex girlfriend) wanted to move and stay together... So turns out that after two days she texted me saying that she forgot things at my apartment and asked when I would be there, and when I
Cancer moon man giving me the silent treatment
Can anyone give me insight on Cancer moon men. My Taurus sun, cancer moon crush and I ended things on a bad note. He said he’s physically attracted to me but doesn’t feel we’re compatible emotionally. I’ve tried texting him, sending him pictures, calling
Cancer gf moving out but staying together..
We've been dating for almost a year and moved in together last March due to COVID-19, but she wanted her own space since we live in a studio. She kept on telling me that nothing at the apt felt like hers but there was nothing I could do because I was gett