Capricorn Men?

Hi, I'm new to this site and a capricorn male has caught my eye. He seems to like me, but I want to know what capricorn men want in a women and what keeps them there, oh, and how can I be sure if he is really interested?
Well breathingSOUL you are in for a ride...I would read around on the posts and that should give you a lot of insight on others experiences and on how your cappy acts. They are one 'interesting' male species!!

First of all, how long have you been with ur Cappy?
I've only known him for a few weeks. He's damn sexy too! Why are they so interesting? I'll look around. Are they pretty serious people or into games or? what?
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Just kidding, but yes you are in for the ride of your life and they will suck you in with their sexiness!! And unless you had an amazing connection with this beast when you met or you have ALOT of patience this man....well he's just not the one! This man is about PATIENCE and its all at his own pace.. my sugestion to you would be sllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwww! But its oooohhh so hard! Good luck!!I LOVE MY BABY GOAT!!
You are right on the money greeneyedgemini, these are tough goats!

PATIENCE, if ever needed in your life, would be needed greatly with these men!

They do only go at their own pace, they will have it no other way but their own...

Good luck breathingSOUL!!
Shot I wish I saw this girl, run! LOL
Ok I actually have a positive capricorn story but let me tell you it was tough to get here! If you are interested in a one night stand go for it, if not........take along time to think about getting involved with one. I suffered in silence for the first three months, things have just gotten good, ok better, but that was mainly due to a strange set of consequences, my incredible patience, and excellent and clear communication. Believe me, there are just as good men out there that are a lot less work. good luck!
Wow, you guys really make them sound difficult. He is giving me really positive signs. He said during Christmas he was talking to his mom & sisters about me and I was kind of surprised. In a good way. In what way would you say you need patience with them? God, I needed more patience with my aries ex so far! Maybe I do have a little patience. I don't like rushing things when I really like someone, maybe he feels the same way. So I want to hear your good & bad stories.
Well you need patience because they take things really slow. They have good days and they have bad days. Sometimes they can go long periods of time without contacting you, for no reasons that have to do with you, but just with them. There are just a lot of scenarios you go thru with these men, and you can't figure out what they are doing, what they mean, etc. You will see if u stick with this guy. It will have you analyzing and thinking a lot, while they are just doing their own thing stress free!!
oooo.... i always hated that. me over-analyzing his every comment and behavior at the beginning of our relationship and he'd just be all relaxed, kickin it, having a good ol time, not meaning anything negative by it. sometimes it's just so hard to tell!

one thing i hate about my cap (and i'm not sure if others are like this): he will say something really blunt- something everyone is thinking but doesn't dare say, or something totally off the wall and he says it like he could be joking or be completely serious. after knowing him for sooo long, i still can't tell the difference! it drives me crazy! friends just assume he's joking... but i know that sometimes he'll say something- and i know he's dead serious. it's like... depending on others' reactions, he's either joking or serious. oh geezus it makes me insane.
you people would not know a cap if one bit you on the ass, WE LOV WOMEN we just don't like being around them unless we have to. you know if we are hungery or horney. That about sum it up.
Old Jake, you couldn't have said it better!! That's the honest truth! That's how mine is at least.
Hey guys, well things are going really good with the cap. He was in the city for a few weeks over the holidays and we spent a lot of time together. We can talk and talk and I forget about time, oh, and he seems to be such a passionate creature. I respect him a lot. He does have quite a pessimistic side to him though, I've noticed. Although it's not hard to make him laugh and get past things. He left the city a few days ago on business and has called me a few times. He seems quite a serious man of love, which throws me off guard a bit. Wish me luck!

Oh, and for the record, "hungery & horney" go verrrrrrry well together!
old jake, whatever, hungry or horny, my cappy likes being around me for company and laughs, lets no scare off all the ladies from these men! They are just scared of being hurt, more than anyother sign
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I'm glad you're back, Wheretomylady! You seem to know these guys well. I agree with what you said about trying to turn their women into playtoys. My motto has been 'no sex until he gets real and serious.' I've given him a taste, once, but he hasn't proven himself worthy of more. Don't give them what they want every time.
"Don't give them what they want every time."

Ur right CapGirl. Last nite my cap wanted to have sex with me. I said no. I didn't come over here to just have sex, if that's all u wanted from me then tell me now and Im leaving. (Like he would have told me that if it was true). But I wasnt about to be used. And he didn't get mad that i didnt have sex. He acted the same towards me, still wanted to talk, cuddle, it was a very great evening. Wheretomylady was right, these guys are just scared of getting hurt. I can tell mine cares a lot about me with his actions, but it's like he just doesn't want to get himself all out of control in love. In my opinion, i think he should just take the I guess if you've been hurt a couple of times, it really is hard to open up again. So I have to be understanding about that

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