Capricorn men disappearing

Hello, I am new to these forums. I have been reading a lot about Capricorn men trying to understand this Capricorn
female from New York City
Hello, I am new to these forums.

I have been reading a lot about Capricorn men trying to understand this Capricorn man I have been seeing for a year.
I am finding he is one of the most complicated men that I have dated. But I am willing to try to understand him better. That's why I came to this forum for answers.

A month ago we had talked about moving in together. We had a conversation that wasn't real positive, and then I didn't hear from him for a month. Now, I could have picked up the phone and called or texted him, but I left him be to see what he was going to do. A month went by and I couldn't take it any longer, so I texted him. He told me how much he loved and missed me. I said, what happened to you disappearing for a month? Did me bringing up moving in together scare you away? That's what I thought had happened. He said, no, I see us living together not until my work is more steady. He's has a rough time of it lately with lack of work, going to school to better himself, and I know he's under a lot of stress, which I understand. At least I try to. I said, were you waiting for me to call you? No answer. He said, I was going to get in touch with you. I said, when did you plan to reach out to me? He said, I didn't have a time limit :-) I said, how could you go a whole MONTH without contacting me when we are supposedly in a relationship??? He said, I've been under a lot of stress with work related issues and have felt depressed. I didn't want to bother you with my problems. I said, babe I am here for you. If something is bothering you, I am here, you can talk to me. He said, thank you. He then told me how much he loves me and how much he misses me.

I really had assumed he was seeing someone else. I have every time he's disappeared, but especially this time because it was a month. To me a person that disappears on me THAT long there has to be more to it. Am I wrong in thinking this, or is this typical Capricorn behavior.

We have been talking these last few days...I told him, if you want to have a committed relationship with me, I will not tolerate you disappearing for a week, a month, or even days. It's not fair. I said, if you don't feel like talking on the phone at least you can call and say, babe I've had a rough day I really don't feel like talking about I want you to know I'm thinking of you. Something. Don't leave me hanging I told him. He said he would try harder to communicate with me.
female from New York City
I meant to say he said

I see us living together "but" not until my work is more steady.

If any of you Cap men or women on here could help me understand my Cap man betterI would really appreciate it.

I have never had someone I've been in a relationship disappear for a month and think it's ok? He couldn't understand why I was so upset. I've been cheated on in the past so I jump to conclusions immediately. I don't like do to this.. but I've done it with every man I've been with I have a tendency to get jealous real easily. My Rising Sign is Libra, but it's so far in degrees that it borders Scorpio, which is my 1st house. I think that's where this jealousy comes into play.

Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
When it comes to Caps, work/money is always going to be there primary focus.

Yes, this is true. It may only be different for those who are cusps. However, if it involves career/ money ... this will come first.

female from New York City
Thank you both,, I have never experienced this with someone I've been in a relationship with that's why I asked. Your answers are reassuring.

Cusp of Magic, I wanted to comment on your mentioning him thinking I had moved on. That's what he said to me that he thought I was seeing someone else. I asked him if he was waiting for me to contact him, but he didn't answer.

I realize that he's trying to get his career in order. But in the the year I've been with him I sometimes feel I'm on the back burner.. You are both right though, Caps do place their career ahead of everything else. He told me, my career is going to be there for me. It won't leave me like a woman. That made me feel sad that he said that. He must think that I might not always be there for him. And here I'm thinking he's going to leave me because of his long period of absences. So we are both feeling a little unsure of each other. I guess it's going to take more understanding on both of our parts.

Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
Posted by Starfish225
I have a best male friend thats a Cap and a period of time went by where I kept calling him and he would not call me back or answer when I call. I thought wow what did I do, I tried to retract what conversations we had did I say something wrong. He told me its never you I was going through something and I was down and did not want to talk to anyone. So when they get stressed they shut down.

That sounds like me and what I would do. And I'm a girl lol
Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
Its nothing personal, at least on my end, its not. We just get so involved in our own issues, its hard to communicate.
female from New York City
Starfish225, Before my Capricorn, I was with a Virgo who had the same tendency to disappear when he was going through something, but not to the extent of a month. I have problems trusting men as it is, so having someone stop all contact for a month made me question his actions.

Cappysweetie, is it true that Capricorns tend to more depressed about their careers and finances than other signs? I've noticed that my Cap gets depressed frequently. He also tends to get physically sick with headaches and frequent colds when he's stressed. When he's feeling down he tells me that he doesn't want to impose on me with his problems.

Here is his chart. He is Capricorn Sun/Aries Rising, Moon in Cancer and Venus in Pisces.

is it true that Capricorns tend to more depressed about their careers and finances than other signs?

The fear of not being able to support their loved ones as well as themselves seems to bother Caps a lot. This is the REAL reason why Caps work hard at their careers & finances. Also, Caps know deep down that when they get old & are down on their luck, no one else will back them up. They HAVE to support themselves.....just as they've always done.

Other signs are luckier (such as Cancer, Pisces, Libras). They always seem to have someone to back them up

Before my Capricorn, I was with a Virgo who had the same tendency to disappear when he was going through something, but not to the extent of a month.

Cap is a loner at heart. Theirs is the sign that disappears into the deep, dark woods, finds themselves and then re-emerge from the shadows with renewed zest & more wisdom. Also, it's a guy thing. They just don't talk and talk about what's bothering them and focus more on how to solve the problem. The 'disappearing' act is in fact, a re-grouping of their thoughts while shutting down "other distractions" -- such as a relationship. I don't think it's just a Cap thing (but it could be true that Caps do it more than other signs...just that they're not the ONLY ones doing it)

I also agree with Starfish & Cusp. My observation of Cap behavior rings well with what they stated. Libra67, I really don't think it's you. There must be something else that's bothering him, probably a work commitment. They're often team leaders & hold positions of responsibilty. If they fail, then others suffer too. This worries them.

Dump the self-pride & call him. You can bet that even if his voice doesn't show it, he is glowing inside
Just don't call him at work....

female from New York City
BeoWulf, thank you so much for your post. I gained a lot of insight and understanding from what you said

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