Capricorns selfish,social climbers,stingy,users???

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Do you sound like a typical Aqua to date him?
male from King Of December
"Most people strive to achieve balance within themselves. In terms of positive
Like the song by Kanye West... he's screaming runaway as fast as yoooouuuu caaaaaan!
but is this how most young immature caps act??Just very selfish and self centered.

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48 years old female from Small Town, USA
Future Mrs Aqua
Dump him. NOW Damn it!!

Please re-read what you posted and imagine it was written by someone else. What advice would you give to that person. He's not a good person, has a lack of character and is definitely a user. You can do SOOOO much better! He's not worth your time!
I wish I could just runbuy its hard when there are feelings involved.Now he's giving me silent treatment,not contacting me and it really annoys me.I've just stopped contacting him because I shouldn't be doing all the work.if he truly cares for me he'll reach out.God all of this is so awful
Posted by msmarilynmanson
He's selfish.Never cares about whats going on with me and talks to me on his time.
i always pay for him all the time.
that he wishes he didnt know me so he could rape me and he wants to tie me up and hurt me/abuse me

You should send him a thank you note for not contacting you, jeeezus!!
from Lib/Sag/Aqua

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from Lib/Sag/Aqua
Oh, hell no.

No. No. No.

Back away from the psychopath.
from Lib/Sag/Aqua
And no...

I don't know from what rathole you picked this cat up, but I assure you, this is not typical of Capricorns...or anyone else who wouldn't be featured on To Catch A Predator.
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
this sounds like a load of bullbutter.

but just in case it isn't... lol... did you bump your head darlin??? wtf? drop this zero and dont make me say it again.
43 years old from Near Hannibal, MO, USA
" "
Get away from this guy asap.... I agree with the others, he is BAD news.

This man sounds horrible, and yes, I read what he said he wanted to do to you in that other post. You deserve much better. **HUGS**

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