Cheating Capricorns?

I understand that people of all signs cheat, and that it has much to do with the nature/nurture thing. But with caps assumingly being the most reliable, the number of unfaithful caps (tiger woods, jude law etc to those i've heard about from friends and those i read from this forum) is strange. Are they actually prone to cheating? Or is it a combination of sun/rising/moon factors?
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I think there are so many factors that can contribute to cheating. Sometimes it's how they're raised, sometimes it's just hardwired into their personality, sometimes they're in situations where the oppurtunity is offered to them time and again like with celebrities.

From a starsign POV I know two sags who are the most faithful family men and they both have a lot of earth and water (venus in capricorn too) whereas Tiger Woods is a capricorn but I think has a lot of fire/air. So it really is about the whole chart as well as a million other factors.
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Everyone can cheat but if I'm basing on if cappies are prone to cheating...

For some reason I always end up with a lot of Cappies wandering around my life with a bunch of the lot being close to me for many years. Out of the 7 caps that I've been friends with for years and have a cool bond with...

6 out of the 7 have and are okay with cheating on their partner or more than happy to "steal" someone else's significant other. Out of this group, as long as there is even a remote reason to justify it in their head, they're cool with it.
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My cappi woman cheated on me. She was also completely insane. Always tryin to be perfect, then running from the stressfull hell she created by clubbing and partying, drinking excessively. AND CHEATING
there are some cappys who are faithful, but there are more cheaters.. these signs needs adulation, oh you bet they are so good with their words, they can be romantic if they want to... but guess what!! they like sex! they're addicted to it! they are the signs who others call "a player" ! I was involved with a cappy before! i fell head over heals man!! that was so amazing, very intimate feeling, we had the connection you know, that mutual feeling that no one can even understand only the two of you! but the circumstances was wrong! we were not divorced from our partners yet! we were just separated from them, and the distance didnt helped us as well... it took me awhile to get over him and he said, the same for him too, we then accepted that we can't be lovers but just friends..... by just being friends... ive learned about his hanky pankys hahahaha, he just love being told he;s good in bed! so to summarize it... cappy men cheats but doesn't want to be caught!, they enjoy beautiful women, fearless women, because deep inside them, they have these insecurities, and these behaviour seem to attract women, thinking they are harmless and feel sorry about their insecurities, but to be honest, cappys are manipulators, they crawl slowly until they get to the top. I one day went to see a clairvoyant, i showed 3 pictures, 1 was my ex-husband, 1 ex lover and the cappy chap!!! Clairvoyant said my ex=husband is not a bad person but he is set in his ways and a bit bossy!, for the ex lover, she said I am too far away from him and he cant wait. but for the cappy, she abruptly said OH HE'S A PLAYER !!!! that says it all!... am glad i didnt end up with him,,, I am now with a wonderful LIBRAN husband!
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LMAO @ Bella.
i have to add to my post earlier though, that, cappys are only humans, we are humans, just like what they said, " to err is human"; if you're attached and you got in on an affair, end it soon and stick to your partner. now it is a decision that has to be made, whether to split with the older one and stay with the current. but never make the mistake of having them both together! if this happens, that is completely a blatant lie... there are many cheaters in all signs, there are some faithful ones too, we cannot really judge in general, we can only justify it if we experienced it! scorpios like myself, can really dive into the deepest ocean but when I emerge above the waters, that is to say, I did it, i hate it and wont do it anymore! scorpios are the most loyal, most faithful of all signs.... well, i speak for myself!
forgot to add this.... my mom, dad, brother, nephew are all Capricorns...... and they seemed glued with their partners for so long and none have cheated... so there!!!
33 years old male from Louisiana, USA
"I'm a Leo/Virgo I'm very rational, good at making my mind up about something.
Here now, I say this. My temper of course, makes me want to say that all capricorn women will cheat evilly and heartlessly. But I also say this, that's just my temper from being hurt by one. I do say also, that just cuz a blonde man murdered someone, doesn't mean that all blonde people are killers, lol.
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My best friend from the 3rd grade is a capricorn and she told me the other day that she told her husband now but boyfriend then that she was not "marriage material" because she could see herself cheating. She has been with him for like 15 years and she has cheated on him (after he cheated on her) and she was saying that she wanted to have sex with this other man and she brought that up about not being marriage material b/c of it. She is such a wonderful wife and mother though except for these cravings she gets. Sad. She is truly very sexual and wants it A LOT!
I have just started talking to a capricorn so I shall see how it goes as well. I am right there with the thinking that it is very hard to find a man that doesn't cheat and that just saddens me so!
I've heard a lot of Capricorn men cheating but think they actually can be really loyal and faithful people. I mainly hear about Scorpios,Libras, and Gemini's cheating. I could add Sags to that list, but no need to cause I think most people expect it from them already because the men are so all over the place.
Cheating is such a low-life, cowardly thing to do.
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er, not all of them cheat. all the caps i know, including my best friend don't have histories with cheating but i wouldn't go out and say all caps are faithful. i really don't think it has to do with your sign at all... two of my virguy friends, one was a notorious cheat when he was younger (he's since curbed that habit as he's matured) and the other has never strayed.
It's a choice.

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