Do Capricorn men always come back too late

Hi everyone
I noticed a common trait among cappie men, and women for that matter. But I am more concerned about the men here.
They usually take you for granted and once they think they are losing you or have lost you, start chasing you.
I have personally
noticed this. But how do you know they are coming back and not running again. what would you do ?
32 years old male
"If you believe you were born original, and don't want to die a copy, why use s
You know, being a Capricorn man, I've never once "came back too late" to a potential relationship. I'm standing up for my rights! (What little of them have since I'm not even my own person for another month by law...) I say that in fact it's the Capricorn men that are getting shafted. From my personal experience, I'm one of the most persistent and unrelenting little guys around (5'8": little? I'd like opinions...) Out of all the potential romantic interests I've had, the one girl that I liked most I asked out 4 times over the course of 3 years and she didn't even remember the first two. Then, as she was about to graduate, she said something about wishing we had gotten together.

Sound like anything any of you non-Capricorns have done? Perchance to a Capricorn? That's what I thought....

female from United States
I have to say that I've never met a Capricorn man (in everyday life) who was persistent in any other way except the sexual way. Emotionally, I had major problems with one who wanted to have his cake and eat it too, and though I love Caps, I need more emotionally from the male ones than they seem ready or able to provide.

Josh of course being that rare, more mature Cap, seems to defy my experiences. lol. That's pretty cool. I wonder if it's all the other planetary influences? I've met a range of different types of Cappies.
32 years old male
"If you believe you were born original, and don't want to die a copy, why use s
Well, as I've said before many times on these various astrology websites, I royally stink at being a Capricorn. I always figured it was from either my Libra moon or my Venus and Mars in Pisces in the 6th House, which I've read so many times as being a major problem.
This doesn't sound like me... gauging this post with my most recent past relationship, I'd say I was the one taken for granted and neither is being chased. She left, I got hurt, see ya.

Emotionally I was available, I was always wanting to know to make sure everything was alright. And while hard I was willing to discuss my feelings, it's hard for me to do that.
On the sexual part, goats are a randy beast...
thank you dxp for the ability to upload pics lol now i can put them on my blogg
when do men stop growing?
thank you dxp for the ability to upload pics lol now i can put them on my blogg
holy s**t josh ur like one year older than me HAHAHA!! i think. And all this time i thought you were 20 something!! maybe because everyones older than me here...
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Cap Guy, sorry for the late response.

I know, your last relationship definitely ended more as a result of her actions (based on what you've told us). I should have put you in there with Josh as far as being a rare Capricorn, sorry about that

Randy beasts you are, that is for sure. Rarely do any of you flaunt it about though, which I think is an interesting (and refreshing) quality...particularly in the male of the species. It's also an intriguing one (your stoic demeanor belies your innermost stirrings), which explains why scorpios are drawn to Capricorns. Anything intriguing at all is guaranteed to captivate a scorp. There is that challenge we feel with you, a sort of "seduce and conquer" challenge. lol.
....Maybe those cappies, never even come back at all , and some say/said that "God is DEAD". I say Goat are dead.
My post underneath this one
Oops, I mean Goat are dead, so excuse me guys
32 years old male
"If you believe you were born original, and don't want to die a copy, why use s
So, how are we dead again? I know I am, but I'm only one out of half a billion(ish) Capricorns....

My parents are going to kill me. That's how I'm dead already. I'm a dead man talkin'. I got a 70 in Physics, that's a D in my school-- one grade lower than everywhere else though-- but that's private school for ya. I need to go (politely) open up a can of whoop-youguessedit on my workaholic headmaster.
female from United States
lol, that was funny, kiwirl

You have a headmaster? I always wanted a headmaster. I went to public school though, where most of my teachers went by the names "Mr Ted" or "Ms Elizabeth". Some of their nicknames were more...shall we say, influenced by the musical stylings of rappers. Think "hoes and b itches", and you'll get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of those problem kids that were mean to the teachers...oh I'm babbling now. lol. Just felt like giving you a glimpse into my former school life, since you brought up school. Hey, sorry about that D, is there any way to make it up? Just be glad you didn't go to a school that didn't allow D' joke, if you got below a C, you simply failed the class. Or, if you were nice to the teacher and had a good relationship with them, you could fanagle (sp?) your way into getting them to give you an "incomplete", which gave you something like 3 weeks to turn in all that meaningless crap you didn't give a rat's ass about in the first place until you absolutely had to in order to pass. lol. Just smile a lot, and laugh at their stupid jokes, and don't cause trouble in class, and they'll like you enough to go easier on you grading-wise. Don't ask me how I know this. lol. So, you're taking Physics? Wow, I think I decided that whole science thing wasn't my cup of tea after I finished the required Biology or Chemistry or whatever it was.
I have to say this is very true. I wrote a message on this board, earlier, but it looked as though we were never gonna go anywhere from his part. Next thing you know I have a boyfriend, and Mr. Capricorn sudddenly takes interest and starts calling me and thinks he's gonna get something. That's so typical, but it upsets me. Always wnt what they can't have. And when they have it right infront of them they don't respect or appreciate it. But I'm over that now.
"""Follow Your Bliss"" ~Joseph Campbell When you find someone without a si
The same thing happened to me too, seeker. He finds out that someone else is interested in me and he calls everyday. Hmmmm...doesn't work for me. I'm over that too!
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