How well do Capricorns and Leos get on?

Whats the chemistry like between these two signs and Do they attract?
Whats the chemistry like between these two signs and Do they attract?
I??ve only dated one romantically but it didn??t work for the reasons size zero stated above.

???co-dominance issues, both are strong personalities they express it in rather opposite ways. Leos can be hard-working and successful but conversely they love to party. Capricorn may find this behavior extravagant and too self-indulgent to deal with. Capricorns have everything neatly planned-out while Leos are often spontaneous.??

We are still friends, he??s a great guy and I respect him immensely just not romantically. However, I adore my aqua man and astrologically we aren??t a ???good match?? and this is the best relationship I??ve EVER HAD (he is a cap/aqua cusp though), so I wouldn??t cut a relationship based on astrology. Go with what feels right and makes sense ??_
"Aqua & Leo isn't considered an uncommon or poor match" oh I'm a cap, my babe is an aqua. We clicked instantly, I think the OP is a leo with a cap.
"Whats the chemistry like between these two signs and Do they attract?"

Its great. I am a cap with a leo for an year now...will be getting married to him next year. From my personal experiance leo has been best for me. In my case its great chemistry with frienship. Since the time i am with him i have forgotten all my friends(which never happened before to me). The chemistry is great...although we fight like crazy(you cant deny the differences between the basic nature of the two).

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