Ladies: Capricorn Sun & Moon Combos

Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon (for ladies) Her Illumination: Sexy Her dark side: Sullen She may or may not be beaut
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon (for ladies)

Her Illumination: Sexy

Her dark side: Sullen

She may or may not be beautiful, but her sex appeal will be more than enough to captivate many men in her early years. Her later years often find her overweight, or a victim of alcohol and drug abuse. It takes a toll on her beauty. Never mind, she still has a husband or two out there who would dump Miss America for her. Once she gives herself to a man (is she ever hard to get down the aisle) he's never quite the same. There's a mysterious, brooding, sullen quality to her sexuality and it leaves men a bit shaken. She may very well be the reason men ask "was it good for you?" I mean, the poor guy is used to a smile, a "wow," or something, for heaven's sake. I can see her now, taking a puff on her cigarette saying, with that appraising look in her eye, "Don't worry darling, you were great." It's scary for her men. One of the reasons for his terror may be that she ran off with an artist a few years ago, or has a ten year gap in her life that she never talks about. That appraising look may crop up again from time to time as you ask about the father of her children. Funny, after four years with her you still aren't sure of his name. She may confuse you, but this much I have figured out....If she wanted you to know, she'd have told you. She reveres secrets. She has a biting, yet terribly funny sense of humor. She's not all that serious about everything, just those parts of her life. She can act (of course, or you wouldn't have been bewitched); she can dance and she can run a government research center. She's fully capable of any number of things. For all the men in her life, she never quite makes the connection in intimacy and often ends up in her last days alone, by choice. The Sagittarius will find her irresistible because she's so odd. She needs, however, a Pisces or Scorpio. If the Moon is in Capricorn, it could help here considerably in her life."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon

"Her Illumination: Intriguing.

Her dark side: Extreme.

This lady's dilemma is "To be or not to be..." conventional, that is. She's hardworking, dependable and odd. On one hand she reveres convention, and on the other hand she mocks it. She's very bright and light years ahead of the rest of the world. She's also one of the most capricious women of the Zodiac. She has a lot of ability, but while interested in a great number of things, she doesn't market her talents. Her coworkers, her bosses, and most of all her friends would be surprised at how capable she could be if only she'd set her mind to it. In her own odd fashion, she'll arrive at a station in life having considerable status, and she'll excel at some sort of organizational or governmental work. She'll also obtain a fair amount of money in her lifetime. Her friends, family, and children can always count on her to be there for them. So, in spite of her odd way of working things to her advantage, she'll manage to live a decent, productive life. She'll be the traveling singer, the magician, and the tarot card reader in her spare time. While she loves to have periods of privacy, she'll manage to get more notoriety than she planned on. There's something intriguing about her, and nearly everyone wants to uncover her private side. There's a streak of genius in her, and she loves to mix with people in social settings where she can exchange ideas and insights. She's much in demand socially, but you can't count on her not to espouse her pet theories to your boss. She'll start to overcome her extremes in nature as she approaches her thirties. If this is the one for you, I hope you're an Aquarius, a Gemini, a Libra or Sagittarius. Sometimes the Scorpio fascinates in youth, but it's something she can outgrow. She'll never outgrow her wonderfully odd little habits and attitudes, thank heavens."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Aries Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Energetic.

Her dark side: Has trouble with men.

Who wants to get to the top and first? This stellar configuration. This sun and moon combine the goat and the ram. If climbing the highest mountain and reaching the top alone ever meant anything to anyone, it does to this woman. She can feel discouragement to the depths of her soul when things go wrong, but being as determined as she is, she knows the only way to get ahead is to keep moving and put your setbacks behind you. Time is always of the essence with her, and she'll run fast and hard. If she sounds one dimensional, she's not. She wants it all--the career, the family, the prestigious home and life. She wants it not for the money and power, which she certainly enjoys, but to validate her existence. She's her own toughest critic and she needs to prove herself to herself. She does what she does for herself. Her talents are nearly unlimited. So fine, she's a worker bee. Can she relax and have fun? You bet. Between projects she uses fun and play to cleanse her mind. She'll put just as much energy into partying as she does into her work. This means that her relaxation may appear near frenzied to the rest of the world. It is, but you'll have quite the companion. She'll tease you, pull jokes on your friends, and throw one party after another. If you start to notice coworkers being invited over to the house, or some of her favorite clients, you can be sure her work phase is about to take over again. She won't be without friends. She's liked by everyone, from neighbors to supervisors. She has a nice way of sticking her nose into your business. Needless to say, her husband and children will get an energetic, caring mother and wife to be proud of. Look to the Capricorn Moon to snag this one, or the Leo or Sagittarius Moons as well. The Scorpio man can also find her appealing until her career starts to interfere."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Taurus Moon

"Her Illumination: Clever, astute.

Her dark side: Determined.

Want to know what her favorite book is? The software program Financial Cookbook. It makes her dizzy just to think of spending a few hours plugging in all the interest rates, inflation factors, and those wonderful numbers. When she dates, try as she may to play dumb, men start talking banking, investments, and big business. You could guess that she isn't dating the tennis pro to start with, but still it's rather amazing how men of money and power are attracted to her. The reason is her uncommonly good sense, her quick grasp of business risk, and appreciation for money and success. This is where her interests lie, and she won't pretend to care about football or what's under the hood of your car. She's not a gold digger, her dreams are to make it on her own terms, and win at the game of money and power. Surprisingly, for all her fascination with finance, she's a well rounded individual who can plan family gatherings and teach men the art of romance. She's a loving person who knows the importance of keeping her word and your secrets. She'll be a devoted wife and mother for a man of substance, consistency, and old fashioned values. Time is important to her, and she may consider some dates a waste of her time. She's witty and fun, and does love to party but it must be with the right man. He may be older. His nickname won't be silly putty. Get to know her and you can find yourself babbling away 'til the wee small hours of the morning. About futures--yours, hers and gold. A Taurus Sun or Capricorn Moon doubles both your chances of happiness, and the Virgo is a good bet for a shorter term relationship. The Cancer, her polar opposite, is a surprise match."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Gemini Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Impish.

Her dark side: Sudden reversals.

Did you just get in from a round of golf with her boss, or is she being reclusive writing a play in the upstairs study? Was she up until all hours again, or did she go to bed early and wake up at 3 am. I bet you'd give just about anything for a bit more predictability from her. Let me tell you, she is predictable. You can count on her sticking close to home (she likes to keep her journeys short and not venture too far from home) and wanting you to be there too. She'll need a lot of space, and you'll need only a little. She has all this worked out, and if you watch her really close, you too can count on a few basic things from her to to be constant: She'll be curious, nervous, and impish. She'd be a wonderful teacher or technical writer. She needs to work in an independent capacity because interaction with her coworkers isn't always pleasurable for her, or them. At home she needs increasing freedom as she ages, and will be relieved to have the children move out and just visit occasionally. She will have had a life of many changes and sudden reversals. But she has the stuff to survive the most troublesome of setbacks. Her nervous system is very fragile. She'd be better off volunteering her time to physical therapy or fund raising, and saving a few precious moments for her body to relax and recharge. She's basically a good person and yet she's very difficult on a day to day basis. Give her lots of independence. At the dating level, she's likely to give you quite a run for your money. Notice, I used the word money. That always gets into the picture with the Capricorn. Of course, another Capricorn could do well, but I'm going to bet on a Virgo, Aquarius or Gemini."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon

"Her Illumination: Kind.

Her dark side: Gets in ruts.

Remember the lady sobbing over E.T. when he got sick and couldn't seem to phone home? This is the Capricorn-Cancer combination who can't think of anything worse than being stranded, unable to be with her family, or being in a strange place. She was a fearful child and a timid adult. Oh, I know, she's probably an executive, a money maker, and she instills obedience in her coworkers. She comes across like the most secure of women, unless you get to know her strange little phobias and fears. When her moody personality emerges she can be as odd to you as she is to herself. She isn't the liveliest, most unconventional person you'll ever meet, I can assure you. But she's a good family member, whether parent or child, and devoted to wedding ceremonies, convention and her mother. If you haven't guessed by now, you'll need to court her mother as well as her along the way. She can live on her intuition alone, so if you think your potential mother in law is an old bat, this lady will read your mind and you won't have scored many points. Better to be sensitive and honest, with lots of common sense to capture her heart. Make any efforts at entering her family circle sincere rather than flamboyant. You won't have to fight off hordes of admirers or kidnap her from her tons of friends in order to spend time with her. She's not one of the most popular women. She chooses friends carefully. If you like the child-like side of her that needs a near father figure to help her through the gloomy spells, or if you are attracted to a woman of ambition and executive potential, this could be the one for you. Best matches: the Pisces, the Cancer, the Scorpio. Yes the Scorpio could hold her tight while she sleeps. The Air signs just can't be bothered."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Leo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Great Mother.

Her dark side: Gets even.

Now here is a nice wife. Sort of. I mean, she looks good at company functions, keeps a lovely home, raises the children well, and puts up a good front--even years after the bloom is off the rose. She does it for two reasons: One is pride. She hates to admit she made a mistake about anything. The other reason is money. She wouldn't have married you if you weren't going to be a good producer. She'll hang in there for another car, the new house, etc. Also, for your reputation, because she epitomizes the woman behind the throne. She won't talk about her man's inadequacies, but he'll know. So will the children and the rest of the world. It's the way she dotes on him in public: really dutiful stuff. It doesn't fool too many for too long. Chances are she's loved and lost before, and her heart is just not all that charged up for you. Chances are also that she came from very humble beginnings and hasn't forgotten the feel of an empty stomach. You may not ignite her fires, but by the time you catch on to your real function in her life, you're celebrating your 25th anniversary, and what the hell, she's been dear in her own way. She helped you get to the top, the kids never spent a night in jail, and she can handle her liquor. Besides, she can be really playful and very earthy. She has a good head for the stock market, lands some pretty terrific jobs, leads you on some wonderful adventures, and is decent with your mother. She'll be dedicated to you. Rule number one on survival with her is: Never, never cheat on her--she could get really attracted to the matches by your bedside. A Libra, a Capricorn or Cancer does best with this one."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon

"Her Illumination: A gem.

Her dark side: Complex emotions.

The Capricorn woman often makes a valiant attempt to present herself as assured, confident and a touch above the crowd, like the goat on the hill, overseeing the valley. You'd sometimes like to take the woman with this combination and pull her off the hill and lecture her on smugness and aloofness. No use. Because you know what? Underneath all her reserve is a woman who's just as insecure as the rest of the world. Once you understand that she's bluffing, whistling in the dark, you have to admire her considerable efforts at covering her frailties. She's so good at keeping up this facade that, well, I wouldn't want to play poker with her. I also wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. She'll never, never forgive or forget. I know I've made her exterior seem harsh and unappealing, but she isn't. Further, she is attractive to men in a special sort of way. She makes them feel like winning her would be catching a real prize. They find the challenge, coupled with her considerable poise and good looks, irresistible. This woman knows hardships and heartbreak. She can be a nice coworker and a top notch business woman. She works long and hard for everything she obtains in her career. How she survives depends a lot on the men in her life. If she is hurt excessively by misplaced love, she can turn out very bitter. If she gets lucky and finds her mister right early, she'll be loving, devoted, generous and a real gem. Otherwise, she'll be a tyrant even with her babies. She won't be a hot ticket in the bedroom unless she finds the right man to make her understand about bells ringing and bombs bursting. If she finds him, he can count on some real surprises in the sexual area. She's a contradictory woman to start out with She'll be attracted to the Scorpio, the Sagittarius and the Virgo. A Libra or Taurus could light up her life."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Libra Moon

"Her Illumination: Talented.

Her dark side: Fits of intemperance.

There are more similarities between the man and woman of this configuration than there are found elsewhere in the Zodiac. She can scale the heights and sink to the depths. Her relationships with men, beginning with her father, are strained. She looks for a strong man, an able man, and one who she can trust with her deep dark little secrets. Life is not easy for her, and her early childhood may be marked by unhappy, discordant episodes. Her need for a good, solid relationship is critical. She may fight you tooth and nail on giving her what she wants, because she's afraid to let her needy side show. She has faced rejection at one point that left scars. She may feel unworthy of love. She may try to scare you off with her little fits of intemperance or outlandish behavior. She may ache to be with only you and choose instead to have lunch with her group of admirers. Her Libra Moon logic slips, but the charm and allure of her moon is always intact. You, my dear man, are probably bewitched and have no idea what to do about your dilemma. Just wait out the strangeness, the determined to shock you behavior, and you'll get another chance to prove your worth. And she, miracle of all, may begin to cooperate with you. From that time on, she lets her guard down, and you'll find her all the more enchanting and loveable. Her career and her dedication to it may leave you a little awed. She'll find time to do something charitable and crusading, and will expect her friends to share in her efforts. Her coworkers are magnetized by her charm. She's not necessarily the loveliest of the women of the Zodiac, but she trades on her charisma. She'll be a good mother. Who can capture her? The fellow Capricorn, the Taurus, or the strange Gemini she doesn't really feel all that comfortable with. The Cancer may be the one who breaks her heart--he doesn't mean to, they just stress each other out."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon

"Her Illumination: Potential for growth.

Her dark side: Volatile.

Here is a woman who can appear, amazingly, unlike her inner core. Her true character may be cleverly hidden but from a few. Socially, or on the surface, she's happy, energetic, and self confident. She's not a taskmaster and may even be considered something of a libertine. She isn't. She's not without the sternest of values, even though in her youth she may have been no stranger to sordid affairs and an involvement with drugs. She may come from a family of wealth and breeding and defy them all with her brazen life style during her early adulthood. Then as if by magic (the magic of her Pluto ruled Moon) she'll change into a rather virtuous, conservative lady of the manor. She can and does attract many men, and will catch someone of elegance, position or wealth. He may be very surprised indeed to learn that she was ever less than the grand dame. She'll nag him on the fine points of his behavior or on being less than genteel. She may sound like she's a hypocrite, but she's not--she has changed. Her Moon and Sun combined together to raise her above her beginnings. Transformed, she wants nothing to do with the reminders of her less than perfect past, including you. She has an unconventional sort of attractiveness and appeal, and she's good looking long after other women have begun to fade. While she can laugh delightfully, be the perfect hostess, once the party is over she can go to her room and sink quietly into deep periods of gloom. She's therefore difficult to get to know as I am sure you've guessed by now. Once she has undergone her transformation and achieved the status she desires, she becomes almost tolerant of her fellow man and his shortcomings. She may even surprise you and lend a helping hand on occasion. She didn't mean to be unkind or rigid, she was simply in the process of overcoming her insecurities and frailties. It's all very complex. Her knees turn to jelly over a good family name or an outstanding career accomplishment in a man. Once she's found him, she'll be a good wife and mother unless he fails to continue to measure up. Then the fireworks start. Look to another Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus or Cancer to tame this one."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon

"Her Illumination: Popular.

Her dark side: Driven.

The capricious Capricorn and the dual sign moon meet to give this woman a personality difficult to define. She may appear helpless and flighty from time to time, but she's not. She just wanted someone to carry her groceries for her, or she chose not to flaunt her intelligence for the day. She always has a genuine "Hello" and, "How are you today?" for everyone. Even little children open doors for her as the result of her special attention to others. Sometimes more special attention than she had intended because people often confide their deep dark secrets in her and men oftentimes mistake this interest as something more than casual. This is the result of a quite simple teaming up of two very people/public oriented planets. She has several little flaws, like she can keep your secrets and yet not her own. Her secrets usually revolve around her worries over things that may never happen--it can drive you nuts. But then imagine how she feels! She has a tremendous drive for accomplishment and everything she does must reflect achievement. If you embarrass her in public, treat her friends badly, or jeopardize her standing in the community, she'll make sure you are no longer a part of her life. Things have a purpose in her world and that includes you. She's not cold hearted outside these perimeters, however. She'll care for the sick and old, and dote on children. She'll be a pleasant and adoring mother. Efficient as a homemaker, she never quite has her mind on the domestic. Since her mind is fixed on career she's apt to drift off a bit and get a little of the salad lettuce in your martini. At work she's more centered and accomplishes much. Her coworkers may find her impressive but not necessarily charming--she's known to speak her mind. She needs a sunny man to dispel her fears. A Sagittarius Moon, a Cancer Moon, or the Leo Sun are the best bets for this. It's the Scorpio that arouses her sexuality the most."
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Capricorn Sun Capricorn Moon

"Her Illumination: Able.

Her dark side: Lacks perspective.

This is a cold one. If you're the man she wants, she'll come to you. That it might jeopardize your careers or current relationships will be of no concern to her. She won't be subtle, and she'll take the lead sexually. She'll win almost any contest, and there's not much of a match for her in her pursuits. She's the one who eventually causes her defeat down the line, with her own demanding, highly ambitious ways. She marries up, she marries older, and life gives her a few surprises along the way. She picks men because they can offer her something, and POOF!, they lose it--their money, their challenge, and most often their good nature. This one will push her man right over the brink. She is given to bouts of ill health and very serious melancholy. She'll fight to bounce back. It'll be in her own unbending, iron-fisted fashion, however, so she'll not elicit much help along the way. Her Sun and Moon positions give her a constellation of characteristics that lack perspective. The other person's needs will be forgotten. Her compulsive way of needing control and order leaves the strongest of men cringing in her shadow. The emotional insecurities resulting from a lack of love in early childhood have left her anxious and fearful. She won't admit this, nor show any indication of such inner turmoil due to this upbringing. She may be fearful of normal relationships; you should be fearful of her--she's going to give you quite a tumble. Found in executive, administrative, or governmental positions, she'll have stepped over many a body to get ahead. As a wife and coworker she leaves a lot be desired. As a mother, her temperament improves considerably. Best bets: A Scorpio, a Cancer, or a Leo. The Pisces is able to touch her heart."
Creepy: how accurate is yours?
female from the Sky Village
"Rocky Mountains
Thanks for asking Stoic, even though I would have written this long post on that anyways

It's so weird to me... a lot of this I disagree with, but it seems like every other statement is exactly me.

Hard to get down the aisle? Yep. I mean... lol I havent made it yet and a couple exes have admitted that goal. I'd love to make it to the altar, but I am a nightmare. There, I said it. It's almost as if I make it as far as relationship can go before a guy might wanna pop the question, and then I come up with every reason for me to bounce. Is this false? Is it a fear or insecurity? Is it true??? I could probably convincingly argue all. I'll just say I'm not one to settle. I will compromise and bend myself all day as long as I'm receiving the same in return.

Sex appeal... errmm, trying to be modest here... but as long as I can remember I've had the attention of men. Long before I wanted it or knew how to handle it, and it's kinda set the tone for my tolerance of it. I have a tendency to be shy when I'm smitten with someone. I become really conscientious of myself. I think it mixes oddly with my strong emotional, empathetic and yet confident aspects... mysterious, brooding and sullen though? I have no clue about all of that. I was talking to my ex about how some women can come off pretty masculine in their demeanor. We were talking about one of my friends who I always thought was very feminine. He'd said she was too masculine. So I asked him about me and he was adamant that I was extremely feminine. No doubt he's biased. It's weird to me because I always feel like I need to work on being less masculine and more girly. LOL Ehh.. *shrugs*

Sex and sexual praise in bed... I will disagree with all that. I'm not that cold. I'm all for mutual encouragement. I'm not easy, but I am satisfied and I would never in a million years start out saying something stupid like "dont worry..." LMAO!

It's true I never talk about my past with a current s.o. There's no need to... it's in the past. I just think it's rude. Do I hold on to it? Yes... I'm extreeeemely sentimental. But I will keep it to myself out of love, respect and consideration for who is in front of me.
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
Thanks for sharing creepy.
Any chance you can pout some of the male versions on here as well?
I can't say I agree too much with the female Cancer moon version so I am curious what they say about men.
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