Why always Cappy and Aries attract to each other ?

My dear friends i just want to know that why all aries males are strongly attracted to cap female first time. but after
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  • miriyahhh
    from California
    I'm Aries sun/ in a "friendship" with cap male sun. My first love was cap and he never hurt me. They are strong and mean but I like it. My new dude we've been riding for like a year already literally spend all of our free time together. They do like money or looks tho. Lol it's either or. I do think my cap is still playing the field tho. But that's another reason why I like them. I hate them bcz of there coldness. But I think caps like a emotional women who isn't afraid of anything which would be an ideal aries. Lol we work better when we are working together like at work or in a career field
  • Posted by ariesno
    I’m often very attracted to capricorn men, because they’re so different from me in the sense that they tend to be quiet, pessimistic, traditional, conservative, mysterious, and have that whole ‘tall, dark and handsome’ thing down. And then I get to be the one that makes them smile and talk more smile In the bedroom it’s a whole other story, though! Cap men are WILD in bed, in my experience! But my relationships with caps have never lasted long, because they’re too critical and pessimistic for me, while I think I’m too impulsive and care-free for them

    Yep. It takes lots of compromise between these signs. However they can have very strong bond and deep love and commitment. I find it beautiful how things change after arguments to appreciate each other and feels nice the commitment from both side. Certainly have up as downs but caps are amazing in many sense, aries have the same tendency on different subjects which makes them see their differences and admire them. Both sign has great sensitivity and responsiveness. It's sometimes good, sometimes bad. It certainly requires to observe from third person view not to get dragged into conflict.
  • Posted by CaramelizedCoffee
    Posted by Sheever
    Interestingly, it's difficult to cap woman to keep a man. Most of them end up alone sooner or later

    Most untrue statement I've ever read
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    Well, I can tell you that, on dating app most woman in total single is cap and the majority is divorced. Simply statistics.
  • pooface222

    Apart from the Sex part - True of my marriage.
    I am Cap F
    He is Aries M

    Together 14 years and despite trying to impress me in the beginning, slowly over the years his true self cane out.
    *Controlling. Manipulating. Secretive. Devious.

    But on the surface funny, fun, easy-going etc. Unfortunately it's just a mask for the truth*

    Are all Aries men like this?
    Or just my husband?

    Also someone here said that Caps control the undercurrents, while Aries control the surface.
    Sadly my Aries husband wants to control everything. I cannot control the undercurrents because he is very very closed and if I say even the smallest thing and it (unintentionally) upsets him I get mass sulking and pushing me away for a whole day at a time!
  • RollergirlOrc
    Cap sun Aries moon Leo asc.
    Capricorn thinks "wow, this person really knows how to lead and I can learn from his/her techniques and energy" while Aries thinks "Wow, this person can slow me down a little and can act as an anchor" when really, it gets competitive but they respect the urge to lead when they can. Or not.
  • My Cap friend and his Aries wife just bought a house.

    He was deployed for a year. Said he came home to a dirty house, broken toilets, broken refrigerator lol, but a few days after he arrived they went house hunting and she found her dream home. He got it for her. Im like dang, Cap males really spoil their women.

    He told me that with her he has bigger dreams and visions. Its like she pushes him to want and accomplish more, and he loves it. Plus he's a sucker for her. Will give anything she asks.
  • pooface222
    What do you think of these placements..

    I'm a Cap
    He is Aries

    We both have Moon in Cap.

    I have Mercury In Cap
    He has Mercury In Aries

    I have Mars in Cap
    He has Mars in Pisces

    I have Venus in Pisces
    He has Venus in Aquarius

  • Maan, this thread is old, who would dig it out?Laughing
  • Interesting, I'm never attracted to caps, and they are never attracted to me lol. Had some unsuccessful dates with cap men. It was bad! Hard to talk to, conversation wasn't even going anywhere, no mutual interests. And I'm cap dominant lol.

    With cap women, It's fun to talk to them. But, never a friendship happened. I find them strong and loud, no kiddingLaughing.
  • Interestingly, it's difficult to cap woman to keep a man. Most of them end up alone sooner or later
  • Posted by manu_kim
    My dear friends i just want to know that why all aries males are strongly attracted to cap female first time. but after some time the relationship is curse and both are ready to give up but even after breakup both are bonded with some energy.i mean attraction is not completely gone.

    Most Capricorn women I've met are beautiful. That is more than likely what attracts the Aries man or any man for that matter to Cappy women.
  • Aries 415
    Exactly same situation here, caps are very sensitive and go cold for anything immediately thry don't like. Tend to be controlling and jealous type. Aries can't stand fight over nonsense or things not relevant because waste of time and energy. And we hate that.. My cap lady is amazing and absolutely adore her. We need to learn each other. The sex is out if this world.
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    i notice that alot of cardinal in the chart....even cardinal houses are attracted to eachother.

    mutable = mutable are usually attracted, same with fixed = fixed. (the modes understand eachother in that way)

    ie. Brad Pitt's capricorn dominant and his dominant house is 1st house aries. His wife that he is NEVER bored with has Aries Moon/Mars. She's dominant aries. but the opposites attract, his cap dominant and her cancer dominant seem to just say...'HEY! i'm complete!' also the opposite sag and gem.

    there's more examples but that's just one.
  • Earth signs and Cardinal signs have amazing chemistry for one another. They have respect for each other, we are both stubborn, independent people, smart, sexy, and are just as honest and loyal as other signs. But then again our tempers or differences may put each other in the friend zone. They are sexual freak just like us earth signs. They also have their guards up too.
  • This is a really difficult match, rarely works. If it does, the cap woman Aries male match would be marginally easier than the cap man/ Aries woman pairing.
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