Rabbits + Dragons = Best of Friends?

Do you notice this too?
  • firebunny
    a Victorian Age writer...
    Do you notice this too?
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    Why do I always end up with fking snake??? Any good story between this couple?
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    What are you? I'm a Cancer Ox - so Eastern and Western opposites. Rat / Mouse = Sagittarius Ox = Capricorn Tiger = Aquarius Rabbit / Hare = Pisces Dragon = Aries Snake = Taurus Horse = Gemini Goat / Sheep / Ram = Cancer / Crab Monkey = Leo
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    Tell me what is your most prized possession?
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    Can you be my friend?
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    Hi I'm Leo and I dated a libra for months we never argue or maybe just misunderstood but after that we never agrue until last week sadly he broke up me and I asked what the reason and he say it's me not you..that's only he say so said a lot words that I h
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    I'd like to know if it is possible for a romantic relationship between a male tiger and female tiger to be succesful since I've read from multiple sources that romantic relationships between tigers rarely work due to the fact that they tend to be quite co
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    :( seems like there aren't any on hea...or, their awefully quiet hey!
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    Jumping on the bed. But really I want to know about you different monkeys out there. I'm very curious.