Post links/descriptions where the two are combined. I know traits of Virgos and traits of Dragons but I'm looking at anything that combines them.
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"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
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And I believe you will like this one:
Primal Astrology
(Komodo Dragon is mine, but it's easy enough to find yours)

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Wow, long time no see.
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Life is finally slowing down a bit so I can look at some of my old hobbies again.
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And I believe you will like this one:
Primal Astrology
(Komodo Dragon is mine, but it's easy enough to find yours)

Thank youuuu

Wow, long time no see.
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
And I believe you will like this one:
Primal Astrology
(Komodo Dragon is mine, but it's easy enough to find yours)
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
The Dragon born Virgo is happiest and most fulfilled by his or her work. This person
is talented in every type of career that permits personal promotion and an eventual rise
to the top of the heap. Virgo/Dragons are more restrained than most Dragons. This
person’s eye never strays from the ball and when he connects, it’s home-run time.
Virgo/Dragons make peppy, fire-eating bosses. They will attempt to be fair so long as
you don’t get in their way. Then—well, they feel “all’s fair in love and war,” and will
act accordingly. These people make very competent employees, whose main concern
is getting praise for getting the job done. This can be exciting and a relief for an
overworked employer. However, the Virgo/Dragon will always try to leapfrog his superiors and in some way or other scramble his or her way to the best job in the
Careers suitable to the Virgo/Dragon are: politician, theatrical or film director, judge,
stockbroker, entrepreneur, athlete.
Some famous Virgo/Dragons: Paul Williams, Raquel Welch, Jimmy Connors, Brian
de Palma, Hans Hartung, Linda Gray, Merlin Olsen, Régis Debray.
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe
Virgo/Dragons are stompers and fumers and fussers and screamers. They are furious
about one-third of the time—at their families, at their bosses and at themselves. They
despise failure, and even hate themselves for a tiny booboo or goof such as hitting
their finger with a hammer. Such tempestuous behavior, of course, repels people who
might be able to really care for this alluring demon. Virgo/Dragons are their own
worst enemies. They are sassy and they don’t know how to remain invisible.
There isn’t much room for small talk with this resolute soul. He or she will prefer
getting immediately to the nitty-gritty. Poetry is hardly the Virgo/Dragon’s favorite
entertainment. He likes competition sports and war, business deals and starring roles.
Forget the gingerbread. Just give him a hunk of raw meat to chew on.
Seriously, this person is lucky to possess inordinate self-confidence. He will always
keep a clear head. He can be counted on to finish what he starts and he is not often a
disappointment to colleagues and partners. Virgo/Dragons demand their share in life,
and they most often get it.

The personal lives of Virgo/Dragons don’t prove so felicitous. Of course, this person
is constantly pursued by members of the opposite gender because he or she will reek
of sex appeal and mystique. But unfortunately this person is more fascinated by his
career and his social effect than by intimacy with one person.
If you love one of these feisty creatures, you’ll have to enjoy standing on the
sidelines, smiling and cheering your Virgo/Dragon to victory. He or she will insist on
your cooperation in their act. Life with a Virgo/ Dragon is never a two-way street. In
short, there is much to admire and not all that much to hug.

In general you favor Rats, but Taurus and Capricorn/Rats are your most vulnerable
targets for romance. Taurus and Cancer/Roosters keep you quite busy too, as do
Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn/Monkeys. You will be floored by the sexy
Scorpio/Snake. Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces/Dogs, with their constant hesitations
and doubts, irritate you. Oxen both Sagittarius and Pisces, are your most notorious
foes. Steer a wide berth.
Home and Family
The decor will be stark and striking. The whole scheme of things in the
Virgo/Dragon’s environment is severe and in excellent taste. His choice of furniture is
generally conservative in line and not too comfortable. One must not lie down nor
lean too far into idleness. You are welcome but don’t linger, is the Virgo/Dragon’s
It takes the Virgo/Dragon quite a while to get around to having a family. Often he will
decide on children later rather than sooner in married life. Virgo/Dragons make
responsible yet demanding and disciplinary parents. When they pass middle age, they
tend to revert to their original sentimentality, too. Dragons born in Virgo are the kind
of people who mellow with age. They make indulgent grandparents, compensating for
all the rigidity of their middle years.
The Virgo/Dragon child will toe the mark in school. Here is the president-of-the-class
type who has an eye for the glittering prizes in store. He may be vulnerable, too, and
easily hurt. Don’t worry, he’ll toughen up as he goes along. But as a little person the
Virgo/Dragon needs a lot of attentive protection. You will certainly have reason to be
proud of your baby Virgo/Dragon. But if you are not, don’t worry. He’ll be proud
enough for both of you.
30 years old male
"Sun Cap, Moon Cancer, Venus Sag Also describe



Motto: “I analyze”
Elements: Earth, Mercury, Mutable



Motto: “I Preside”
Elements: Positive Wood, Yang

The Virgo/Dragon couples Virgo decorum with Dragon sizzle. This Dragon is hardedged.
He has enough spunk and perseverance to take a dare to walk across Australia
– solo! He always maintains a coy Virgo reserve in order to keep Dragonish taste for
fresh blood under dignified wraps. If you’re looking for performance, it’s a hard to
beat combination. The fiery Dragonesque soul is tempered by Virgo’s taste for social
grace. Virgo/Dragon is ambitious and has a mind like a platinum bear trap.
In this discriminating character there is not as much braggadocio and volubility as in
other Dragons. Yet, when this person is angry (which is frequently), fireworks
invariably occur. The marriage of Dragon to Virgo, with all of their possible
complementary traits, is just a shade too self-interested to be called harmonious.
Virgo/Dragons are picky and strong-willed. They carry a harsh and vituperative
tongue around in their heads. The general atmosphere is not exactly cozy.
Although this person starts out life bursting with sentimentality and
tenderheartedness, adulthood brings disenchantment. The result is a jaded, blasé and
sometimes even dangerous grownup.
Driving volition is an important Dragon/Virgo personality trait. This person goes at
life with a burning zeal that borders on fanaticism. There is, of course, much success
out there for such determined people. But there are also a lot of dead bodies in their
wakes. What Dragon/Virgo wants, Dragon/Virgo gets.
These subjects can be thoroughly attractive. They carry themselves with a certain
arrogance and they know how to dress. They are born with good health and stay in
shape to preserve that state. This person wants to “make it” in life, to beat out his
competition, to take the world title in his field, and nothing will stand in his way.
Except his terrible temper.
29 years old female
Post links/descriptions where the two are combined.

I know traits of Virgos and traits of Dragons but I'm looking at anything that combines them.

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