Where are all the horses.......................??

:( seems like there aren't any on hea...or, their awefully quiet hey!
Scorpio ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒ™
Up in hea

Up in hea
moody ๐Ÿ”ฎ
I agree, never enough horses around ๐ŸŽ
29 years old male from California, USA
INFP-A/ Life Path 8/ Rising - Tempest / Sun - Rain / Moon - Hurricane
Flying snake gang bruv
63 years old
"leo sun, pisces moon, gem/can rising"
Wood Horse here-
sun taurus moon pisces venus gemini mercury aries mars leo guy
all good loving the game of life
Cancer horse!! Element wood
male from The Sun
DXP's Town Drunk
Earth Horse here.
It's not that I hate ppl, I just dislike them...strongly.
Earth Horse รฐลธยยด
117 years old
earth horse virgo here
female from Gold Coast, Australia

The Fire Horse is animated and sociable. He has a wild side that leads him to a life on the edge. Fire Horses are generally either incredibly lucky or ridiculously unlucky. They love the excitement of action and the change it brings. The Fire element makes them passionate about their feelings and they always take a stand in a situation. Fire Horses are never on the fence about anything and have definitive opinions about the world. Their tempers can be overbearing

Thanks Gem

Now I understand some of my Libra confliction. The taking a stand...love of change...and never on the fence

Always thought I didn't completely fit the Libran ways and thought it was more my Taurus rising.
27 years old from United States!
"I am a very open minded and free spirited type of person. I love music and Ast
What's good?!

Cancer Metal Horse!
Cancer Metal Horse
27 years old female from Massachusetts, USA
taurus horse
Fire horse here...virgo.
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