• Super vivid, symbolic dream...mother

    I dreamt she had gotten a lion, and I was petrified of it. She just laughed it off and couldn't understand it. I in return felt ridiculous/embarrassed from these fears. I would hide in my room where there was a baby gate up and it was the size such that i
  • This one is wild 😩😩

    I had a weird ass dream a few nights ago, I still haven't figured it out. It was something about unlocking our true side or true power within, and the people who did unlock theirs would have solid blue eyes, with white specks throughout them as if the b
  • Dream of someone blowing in your face

    Last night when I was drifting about to fall asleep completely, I saw a woman or at least feminine figure get close to my face and blow on my face like blowing out a candle or flame. She wasn't in my bedroom another room with poorly lite yellowish hue lik
  • Planning a wedding dream

    I’ve been married twice. I’m really not planning on doing it again. I have a serious boyfriend & can see living with him one day, but marriage? Yikes!! Last night I dreamed that I was planning a wedding & checking out reception venues with my Mom!! T
  • Recurring dreams.

    Began over five years ago, having to do with one person in particular. This person and I had no romance. We just talked a lot over the phone. I dreamed I'd be talking to him on the phone. During the talks, he would be angry. As time went on, he would g
  • 3 headed snake in dream

    Hey does anyone know what a 3 headed snake means in a dream?