• Dreams of an ex

    So for the past 2 days I've been having multiple dreams of getting back together with an ex gf. They were all positive and I woke up smiling after each one; the way she acted in the dreams would've been how she would in real life too. It's been almost
  • Dream of final answers

    I dreamt I skipped a family camping trip because of a tv n character. As I TiVo back I realized the topic involved past lives, reincarnation souls. I kept rewinding but could not get to the start. But each rewind I got a hit of answers until I saw the fin
  • I keep dreaming about parties...

    Like one night I dreamed I was at this pool party. A couple nights later, I dreamed I was at this house party/kickback type thing. My latest dream was this rave kind of party, like Project X or something. Nothing in particular happens at these parties, ju
  • Weird dream

    So had the weirdest dream last night. Not sure if it's casue I watched AHS just before falling asleep or what... I'm driving around in Seattle but dealing with the flash flooding Vegas gets. As I'm driving Across one of the bridges (freemont style but
  • Can you predict the future from dreams?

    On Friday night I had a unnerving dream about being in my home and thugs were hiding in cupboards and beating everyone up. We were hiding and so scared, then I woke up. I normally stay under the covers until I fall back to sleep, but it was such a vivid d