• I keep having this reoccurring dream that I'm in a really big nice house with captheri dated and for some reason and a girl that I know he dealt with is there and I'm trying to fight her. Like fr fr, it's starting to make me so mad.I'm Tryna get over hi
  • Hey! Saw you in my dream. You told me you are engaged and showed me the ring with blue stone. Square shape. Beautiful. And my Mom told me someone calls you Tara.ike a nickname. But when we were talking you had been with another man who you said wa
  • Is your phone making you sick?

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  • It starts off with me and my friends in a ballet class. We are by the bar. The room is covered in mirrors I look to see us all. It's us but us as different from what we are now. I look different. Different hair and different clothes and make up. The d
  • Why do I always dream about them lately? And why do I always long to see them again in my dreams? But when I wake up, I don't give a damn anymore like I'm completely happy with the kind of life that I have now.
  • It’s not weird to dream of it once, but I keep dreaming of it. That I’m in this Walking Dead world and I’m put into this Walking Dead situations of survival. It’s freaky when you feel everything is a matter of life or death and youre fighting to s
  • Me and my ex had a bad breakup and we haven't talked in 7 months but for some reason last night i had a dream i received a text from her. But the text didn't say anything it was just a heart emoji.. Any advice as to what this might mean???
  • Sorry if it's been asked but for my entire life I been wondering about my sleeping/dreaming habits. For starters I can literally fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes and I remember dreaming every time I sleep even if I don't remember every detail of the