• So, i dont even know how to phrase this but.. has it ever happenened to anyone to literally have the same dream with someone else. Basically, my ex gf and i shared a dream once or twice... we experienced the same events in our dreams, with just a littl
  • My dream last night has been haunting me all day. This woman was taunting me. I don't remember how but I know that I had an intense dislike for her. She kept saying "everyone thinks you're soooo sweet but I knew it was just an act". I wanted to kill her.
  • I looked up the possible meanings and symbols but anyone had any dreams with cactus/cactile?:D
  • So I was dreaming..."thought" I woke up to see a dark figure standing next to my bed saying "I am not going away" .. I have had dreams like this before and always involves: 1) me thinking I am awake when I am not 2) darkness 3) a dark figure talkin
  • This is creepy and I don't really believe it to myself but it happened. I used to flat in a house that had a strange note on the locked door of a sleep out. It read something like " XXXX if you find this then your okay and we would love to see you, we
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