• Ok.I have a dream that is repeating.I'm dreaming my ex,just seeing him in my dream.In the meantime I am feeling that I have somebody else,some other person,who loves me very much,and I love that person,but I can't remember who it is and how he looks like.
  • What exactly is it? Anyone do it? What's it like? How does one become better at it? Are there any books or helpful reading that can lend insight into how to become a lucid dreamer?
  • Do you think it means I need to work on this lol I dreamt I was at family party n over heard my uncle( my age) holding his baby n the phone with another women. I flip! Pretty asked me not to tell his wife but I threatened to go. Then I see next to him
  • Back then, I remember my dreams so clearly. They were so vivid and they have a plot like a movie. Nowadays I'm too busy to remember my dreams. I wake up and just go to work. I also noticed that I was less imaginative like I used to. Ideas would come mo
  • Him and I. In past weeks were working together on patching things but wen I wouldn't move in he over night just turned cold heartless and ex---last night I had this dream of him and a blond girl and me in some house I guess me n him lived and I be leave h
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